Big week for Stanton

Johnny Stanton has a big week coming up. It's his birthday so naturally he's excited about the week. No. 1 rated Santa Margarita (Calif.) Catholic will have their home opener on Friday night on his birthday. The stands may also be filled with Nebraska fans; fans in town to see a future Husker while they are in town to really see Nebraska against UCLA on Saturday.

Another week and Santa Margarita (Calif.) Catholic led by Nebraska commitment Johnny Stanton are still No. 1 in the nation. Stanton says that the ranking is an honor, but you have to come out each week with something to prove.

"We won this past week," Stanton said. "It's a great honor to be considered No. 1 in that sense. It does put some pressure on us. It can just as easily be a bad thing as much as a good thing.

"You have to worry about becoming complacent and maybe taking teams for granted. I think that our team does a great job of not doing that, but this past week we didn't do a great job of executing and had a lot of sloppy play."

Nebraska takes on UCLA on Saturday in the Rose Bowl, a game that Stanton will attend by the way, but Nebraska fans are coming to California early. The Husker faithful will be in the stands Friday night to see Stanton take the field.

"It'll be very cool to have those people there. I don't know how many people will be there or if they will all fit in the stadium; if anyone comes that will get me excited. I know that there were some Nebraska fans at the Brophy game, only three or four families, and that got me excited. It's also my first chance to take the field on my birthday too."

This past weekend Stanton saw the Nebraska/Southern Miss game. The Nebraska offense shined led by the performance of Taylor Martinez. Stanton said the game is evidence for those that think that Nebraska is only a running team and he will never have a chance to throw the football in Lincoln.

"I thought that Taylor had a great game. I heard that he thought that he just did ‘O.K.', I am sure that everyone disagreed with him on that point. He had a great game.

"I have taken a lot of criticism from people for committing to Nebraska. They say that they don't pass enough and run too much. I think that Nebraska is a running team, but they're not just a running team. I am very excited about being put in that offense."

Stanton sees the crossover between the offense he saw Nebraska run and the offense that he runs currently. There are a lot of reasons for Stanton to believe that the adjustment to Nebraska's offense will be a fairly easy transition for him.

"One of the main things that I think people should focus on is how many people got the ball and had big plays. I think Taylor spread the ball around and he wasn't focusing on one guy. I think that is something that the offense I run in high school does too."

Since Stanton pulled the trigger on his commitment to Nebraska he has seen a significant drop off in recruiting attention. He's happy with that. Schools will periodically send him a letter or two, but for the most part they are honoring his decision.

"I get letters every once in a while, but no one has really been actively recruiting me since I committed. I have been very blessed to not have that stress on me. I think that all of the other schools and coaches that offered me are honoring my choice to Nebraska and I am very happy with Nebraska."

Stanton will be at the Nebraska game this weekend at UCLA along with another Nebraska recruit Terrell Newby and Stanton says he knows when he will be making his official visit to Nebraska too. "I will take my official visit to Nebraska for the Idaho State game on September 22nd."

Like the other recruits in the 2013 class Stanton sees big things coming in Lincoln. He saw the younger players taking the field and he sees the talent being assembled in the class of 2013. He sees the talent and likes the attitudes that they all have about their team.

"I love the guys that we have in our class so far and with the guys that are freshmen and sophomores in Lincoln right now there is a lot of talent. I have gotten to know a few of the guys and I really like their attitudes. I think that we can be a great team."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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