Texas JR holding Nebraska offer

Some of the nation's top talent comes annually out of the state of Texas and when looking at the top juniors in the state you have to mention Beaumont (Texas) Ozen safety/cornerback Tony Brown. Brown has the size and speed that you love to have in your secondary.

Tony Brown is only a junior and he's sitting on 20 offers. The 6-foot-1 and 185-pound Brown claims a sub-4.4 time and is being touted to play safety at the next level despite spending a lot of time this summer working on his man to man technique.

"This summer I worked a lot of man to man technique," Brown said. "I wanted to be able to break out to man to man coverage against the best receivers and know that when I am guarding them that they won't get the ball."

Beaumont (Texas) Ozen has a big time weapon on their team in Brown. There is no telling on any given play where Brown might be. He is going to have some freedoms set up for him to roll over to guard someone based on down and distance as well as field position.

"My dad is the defensive coordinator and I will be playing all over the field this year. I will see time at cornerback, safety and SAM. There will be situations like in the red zone where I will just go and guard the top receiver."

Brown has size, he has speed and he has ball skills, but that isn't what he thinks his biggest strength is on the football field. Brown has been around football all his life from his dad to his uncle who were both players and of course later from his dad who is a coach.

"I think that my biggest strength is my knack for just getting to and being around the football. I have been around football all my life. My dad played football. My mom's twin brother played football. My dad has been coaching since I was born. My dad and my mom's twin brother played at Texas Tech."

This summer was big for Brown who went from being a little bit of an unknown and then showed what he could do at team camps and seven on seven. Brown went to a number of camps this summer. Some nights he would get off of a plane, go to bed and up the next morning to get on another plane for another camp.

"I have 20 offers right now. All of my offers came this summer. I kind of blew up. I was under the radar and then I showed everyone what I could do. Texas offered me recently. I went to camps at TCU, LSU, Texas A&M, Alabama and Mississippi State. I also opened some eyes in seven on seven."

Brown has some time when it comes to making a college decision, but he has some ideas what he is looking for. Brown says that he has to be comfortable when he visits the school because he realizes that he will likely be far from his current home and away from family.

"It all comes down to what I feel when I am there at the school and if the program is on the rise. I need to feel like I am at home because I am going to be living there for the next four to five years and I won't be anywhere near my family possibly."

One of the 20 schools that have offered Brown is Nebraska. Brown knows a little bit about Nebraska and mainly about their head coach. He says that it's always good to know that there are coaches at a school that can get you prepared for the next level.

"Nebraska has offered and they are a team known for their defense, their head coach is known for their defenses and he knows his stuff. I will be coached by a guy that knows how to get me to the next level. Coach Terry Joseph is the coach from Nebraska that is recruiting me."

Brown got back from a trip to see Texas a couple of weeks ago and he says that he will take some more trips this fall. He doesn't know where he's going to go to see a game he just knows that he wants to get out this fall to see some schools.

"I got back from Austin a few weeks ago. I don't know where I might go to now, but I know that I am going to go and hit some games. I liked Austin a lot. I liked talking to Coach Mack Brown and getting to know him. It was a good trip."

Brown says that when he makes up his mind it will be over. He wants to give a school his word and then be done with the process. Because of that expect Brown to at least go through most of the process and take his trips.

"All of the players that I talk to who are in college they tell me that I need to take my time, that I only live once and to take my trips unless I know for sure. When I commit, I am not going to decommit. If you give a college your word then decommitting is not an option."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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