A midwest mind in a west-coast body?

Born and raised in Torrance, California, you wouldn't think that any young man has had dreams of a Midwestern football career. You would think that in his head, dances thoughts and dreams of Trojan glory or experiencing the Bruin mystique. Nope. One young man does have Midwestern aspirations, but he's got his dad to thank for that.

Spencer Tasich is a born and raised Californian. His dad however is not. That's kind of the by-line to this, because it certainly has an affect on what Spencer is thinking about right now.

Spencer is a versatile athlete that plays both sides for "West" high school team in Torrance. Playing both receiver and safety, Tasich gets a taste for what both sides are like. He has a preference.

"I like the defensive side." he said. And why? "I would rather hit than be hit." Seems logical if not utterly practical. Spencer has a tenacity to hit or maybe he could put it better. "I know how to hit." Spencer said. "But, I know that regardless, you have to tackle the guy. I am a strong tackler and am pretty confident I can wrap them up."

Spencer reported that he just a shade under 5'11" and is weighing in right around 185 lbs. That while running a handheld 4.6. That may not seem impressive right now, but from last year, it's a dramatic improvement. "I was running like a 4.9 last year." Spencer said. "And I was still getting to people on defense. I have gotten a lot faster and I know I can get faster than this, so I am looking forward to this year."

This year has for Tasich what it has for any high school player going into his final season of high school ball. It's a time for personal and team goals and for those good enough to be recruited, it's about looking to the next level and deciding where you want to play.

If Spencer has a choice or I should say, his dad, there's one place that Tasich would go if offered. "My dad is a Nebraska alum., so he would go nuts if they offered me." Spencer said. "There's red everything around here."

Along with his dad being a former student of UNL and a current member of Californians for Nebraska, there's enough memorabilia around the house to indicate to anyone with even partial eye-sight what school rules the household on Saturdays in Fall. "It's all about Nebraska around here." Spencer said. "That's who I grew up watching."

The recruiting process is just getting started for Spencer as he indicated that Portland State stands as the school offering the most attention and a verbal offer at that. So, with that in mind, he's keeping every single one of his option open and takes a completely realistic view to this up-coming season. "I want to play well, do the best that I can and hopefully play at the collegiate level." he said. "So, I am just going out there to have fun and see what happens."

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