Two-Sports, Two-Sides, Lots of choices

Two sports, two sides, Kory Sperry has that versatility that even at the ground-level of development makes him an ideal target for many teams. Sometimes teams will look at a kid's frame and wonder just what they can do with that. As they say, Kory's "up-side" is growing.

At 6'6" and a reported current weight of 210 lbs., you might instantly think basketball player. Well, yes and no. Kory does play basketball, but he plays QB, TE and DE as well. With his height and frame, there really is a lot you can do with Sperry. You just have decide what it is you need.

Most teams want Kory as a defensive end, but there are a couple around that want him as a QB. The question might be for him is if he has a preference. "I want to play." Kory said. "I like the idea of playing QB a lot, but I am really open to a lot of things.

As most schools are pointing to him as a TE, I asked about his strengths at that position. "My height is obviously an advantage, but people don't think I can move my feet very well because I am so tall." Kory said. "I know I can, so it's another advantage I have."

From a physical aspect, Kory is looking to bulk up considerably once he hits the college level, but says that he full expects it, but has utilized what has worked at his current level of play. "I know I have to get a lot bigger and stronger once I hit college." he said. "What I have has worked at this level though, so it's like not wanting to mess anything up."

Kory's other sport (basketball) is playing a factor to a degree in his ultimate decision according to Sperry. "I plan on playing both when I get to college. That's ideally what I would like to do. I know I can't go on a basketball scholarship and play football, but most everyone is looking at me as a football player, but I am hoping to play basketball as well."

As for teams recruiting him, most of the midwest is showing him attention in the usual manner, while Sperry indicated that the University of Colorado has offered him in writing. They would seem to be the logical favorite, but Sperry said they aren't the only favorite. "They are close to home, so of course they are going to be in my top five, but I am really open to any team that is interested in me." he said. "I'm keeping all my options open right now and just seeing how things go."

Amongst other teams that Kory is interested in are Nebraska, Colorado State and Yale, but again, he's still wide-open right now. "I'm still learning about his whole recruiting process as I go, so I am in no hurry to make a decision as to where I am going to go."

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