FB getting offers galore!

When you see the measurements of 6'2" and just about 260 lbs., you can think of maybe two positions at the collegiate level and one of them is a bit of a stretch. What isn't a stretch is at FB, where Chris Pressley is a perfect fit. And, it just doesn't fit his body, but most definitely his mind. He can talk technical with you, but when it comes down to it, he would rather smack you in the mouth.

Over 400 on the bench. Right around 600 on the squat, size, strength and a reported 4.53/40 make Pressley not just intriguing, but inviting. Talk to him and you just became hooked. You see, he just doesn't look like a fullback, he likes what all fullbacks like and simply stated, that's laying it on someone. "I like just driving through someone." Chris Pressley stated. "I have good technique and can do it a lot of ways, but just putting someone into the ground is the best."

Along with being able to block, the most valuable fullbacks out there know how to handle the ball as well. Something that Chris does well as he may have not been the I-back for his team, he was the one that ended up being featured. "The fullback gets most of the yards in our offense." said Chris, recalling the almost 1,000 yards he got on the ground last season. "You learn how to block here, but you also learn how to run with the ball."

Along with that, the receiving was utilized, but not to a degree that Chris said would indicate just how good he could be in that aspect. "We are going to spread it out a little more this year." Pressley said. "A lot more screens and stuff just using me in a lot of ways."

Measureable-wise, Chris is enough just physically to get a ton of attention. His stats only add to that luster. Chris said that he has around 32 total offers, around 21 of those being written from schools like Maryland, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Chris said that he's evaluating the process right now and doesn't want to restrict himself from any one team, but went down a list and told me where his interest is thus far. "I know I want to visit Wisconsin and Nebraska." Chris said. "I like Maryland, North Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee a little bit, Boston College somewhat and Purdue and Indiana, I like them as well."

"I'm going to take my visits maybe some during the season or right before, but not sure when I will have them all taken."

Of his basic co-favorites (Wisconsin and Nebraska), Chris had this to say. "If I were to take a visit to Nebraska and it just blew me away, I would commit. I would also treat Wisconsin the same way. I like them both a lot, because both really use the fullbacks a lot."

There's a good possibility that Chris will be trying to take an official to Nebraska as early as NU's first game against Oklahoma State if possible. As for Wisconsin, he's still unsure at this point.

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