Versatile "two-way" star

Quarterback, Safety, Cornerback. Yeah, he's been there and done that. So have a lot of others, so no biggie, right? Can those "others" say they were junior Olympians though? Nope. Didn't think so. Darrin Harris can and that versatile athleticism is a big reason for the attention he's getting right now.

Every recruit has a position they like to play. Every recruit has a position they would rather play. What is good about some of these recruits is that despite what they favor, if that doesn't work out, they have the ability to play one or maybe even two other positions if needed.

Darrin Harris is like that as he is listed as a safety, but plays QB and has also played CB. It's because of this that Harris has offers, reportedly from Oregon State, Washington and Colorado.

Like most any recruit, if they had a chance to go to schools like this, playing is usually enough, but again, they have a position they like more than any other and Harris is no different. "I would love to play quarterback." he said. "We run the option here and I don't throw a whole lot, but I've been working on that and I consider myself a pretty good passer."

The offers Darrin is getting are on the defensive side of the ball, but that doesn't dissuade him from still thinking about playing under center in college. "It's not the only position I'll play, but it's the position I would like to play more than anything else."

"I don't think it will determine where I go though."

Where Darrin is going is up, at least that's what his goals are to do. Onward and upward, team going farther, his personal stats only getting better and of course, the attention coming from more than the schools recruiting him now.

Darrin does have his favorites though, but sorry, it's not what you think. "I am interested in those interested in me." he said. "If they offer me, that means they want me, so those are the schools I am looking at first. They aren't the only ones, but I am not going someplace that doesn't want me."

Based on his size and speed, Darrin shouldn't have to wait long to be wanted that much more.

Right now, Darrin is looking to take some of his officials during the season and again said that those schools most interested in him will get the biggest look.

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