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As one of the higher-rated linebackers in the country, Brian Toal has his choices in where he wants to attend college. As a high school season approaches though, you can imagine what takes most of his time and his thought. Sometimes, at least for Toal, it's not so much about looking ahead as it is enjoying right now and realizing that this moment won't come again.

If the future is there waiting for you, why worry about it until it gets here? For some, every single day is a drive for the future, but Toal has different ideas, because his future is already set.

You see, he has offers from pretty much everyone he's looking at, so regardless of when he makes his decision, he can look at right now and even at times, wax a little nostalgic. "It seems like yesterday I was a sophomore playing football." Brian said. "Now, I am going on my last year and it's almost over."

It's the end of a career and the look ahead to a new one, but not too much of a look, at least right now. "I've got so much to do just for this up-coming season, I'm not trying to worry about recruiting too much." he said. "That's going to be there, but this is my last year of football here, so I want to make it count."

What counts to most everyone around outside of those directly interested in how his school does is who he is looking at, why and all that good stuff. But, as you can imagine, the variety of updates that might have an individual spin here or there affect him little and haven't changed one thought about who he is looking at. "I'm looking all over." Brian reiterated. "Nothing about that has changed and I don't know when it will."

Those schools he is looking at range from Boston College to Notre Dame, Miami to Nebraska, Iowa to Maryland, etc., etc., so on and so forth and yes, they have all offered in writing.

This could be a long update basically saying nothing, but it's not just an update on his future and a recital of stats from his past, because Brian is in the "right now" and at least mentally, it's a whole lot of both. He's not ready to turn the page quite yet though. There's still one thing left to do. "I have one more year to make it count and I'm just going to do my best to do that."

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