RB sets the record straight on favorites

Depending on which update you read, you might get a completely different idea of what's going on. I know that off the top of your head, you can think of any one recruit and wonder just how can one story not following in so very distant a time after another can differ so much. Sometimes, it's in the eye of the beholder and sometimes, it's one's interpretation. Sometimes, you just have to get it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. So, we did.

Is he going out of state? That's what Nebraskans want to know. That's what they think they have been hearing. He's going out of state. He wants something different. There's just too much Nebraska in Nebraska.

Then again, maybe not.

After talking to Brandon Gunn about his possibly leaning towards playing out of state, he gave a slightly different picture. "I just said I would, but I am interested in staying in-state." he said.

To be honest, there is a duality here sorts. When you grow up in Nebraska, you are inundated with the religion that is the Big Red. Day after day, week after week, it's all about Nebraska. Of course, the success of NU has had something to do with that.

Titles and wins aside though, within some recruits there does exist a desire to find something that isn't coated in Scarlet and Cream. Possibly, just a new view. But, this is Nebraska. "I look at trying something new." Brandon said. "But, playing for the Huskers is playing for the Huskers."

One reason for this continuing excitement in NU happens to do with something new at UNL. That of course being the slew of new coaches that are now part of the "New Nebraska" as fullback for the Huskers, DeAntae Grixby put it. It's something that has Gunn just as excited as anyone else, if only out of curiosity. "I'm excited to see them play." Gunn stated. "I've been told they have a good coaching staff, so I can't wait to go down to their first game and see what it's about."

That debut for many coaches against Oklahoma State will no doubt have a lot of potential Huskers there, but for the sake of his update and this player, we will focus specifically on what Brandon is looking at and for.

It might surprise you, but being just 60 miles away doesn't eliminate Nebraska from an official visit as Brandon still looks at the opportunity to see NU "officially" intriguing if only to see something a little different than before. "I have been down to camp there last year, but haven't been there a lot, so it's not like I have seen everything there is to see." Brandon said.

To ease the minds of some of those rooting for schools other than Nebraska, Gunn still has his mind open to anyone and everyone recruiting him. Brandon holds firm to that and stated that regardless of where he lives, that won't dictate where he goes. "I'll do what's right for me and if that's Nebraska, that's Nebraska, but that's not the only place I can go, so I'll figure out what I want, what fits me the best and make my decision when I know it's right for me."

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