Looking at some more teams

He's ranked amongst the elite as a running back at the high school level. And, he's doing it from the running-back-heavy state of Louisiana. It's not easy standing out as a tailback in that state, at least this year. Jay Lucas has managed to do just that however and as the attention towards him grows, his attention towards everyone else grows as well, leaving his favorites, not so cut and dry as first thought.

As a back that is perceived as being able to do it all, there's not one particular offense that fits him at the collegiate level. Jay Lucas will be the first to say that his ability to look beyond just a few schools here and there is that versatility to be both physical and elusive from the I-back position. "I don't really have a weakness." Jay said. "I like going up the middle, but I like busting it outside to. I can do pretty much anything out there." That "anything" amounted to a whopping 34 touchdowns last season. That number would thrill most, but going into this year, it's only a start. "I want to get over 40 this year." Lucas stated. "And basically, just beat everything I did last year." Individually, Lucas is more than capable of topping last year's marks, but team-wise, having led his team to a state title last season, he's just going to have to "settle" for doing it once again. Something he's ready to do. What Jay isn't ready to do is narrow his list down too much. Though the teams that have offered him are getting the most attention, that doesn't restrict the teams he's looking at right now. In fact, other than Florida State and LSU, Lucas would like to officially visit, Michigan, Nebraska and Notre Dame as well. Right now, the Noles and the Tigers are those that have offered in writing from amongst that group, but Lucas reported that he's getting heavy attention from the other three as well. Do those teams stand as his favorites though? Is he ready to narrow it to five? "I like those teams, but they aren't the only ones and when it comes down to it, I am going to where I am wanted." Jay said. "That's just some teams I am looking at right now, but all that could change in a week, a day or whenever." Jay plans on taking his officials during and after the season as he is hoping to catch a few games while his season is going on.

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