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FOX Sports NEXT caught up with West Hills (Calif.) running back Terrell Newby to discuss his recent official visit to Nebraska, where he plans to visit next, his thoughts on his timeline, and more...

West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade running back Terrell Newby is one of the top uncommitted running back prospects in the West Coast. The 5-foot-10, 180-pound prospect has started exploring his options, taking his first official visit to Nebraska last weekend.

"It was pretty good. I liked it; it was unlike any team you would see out here on the West Coast, so it was different for me. The game definitely stood out; the whole game day experience, being out there in front of 85,000 fans was pretty awesome. The fans knew who I was and everything; they were screaming my name and all that stuff, so it was cool," he said.

Newby enjoyed having the firsthand opportunity to see exactly how important the Huskers football team is to the community.

"It means so much to them; there is so much going on in Los Angeles, but out there, the Huskers are pretty much all they've got. I ended up signing autographs for like thirty minutes, and I'm not even a commit yet. I got to see how the players handle things, how they live and everything, so that was cool," he said.

He also had a chance to spend some time with and get advice from Nebraska sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah, his host for the weekend.

"He said that it's a lot of responsibility as a player, because all of the kids and families really look up to you and one thing you have to know coming in is that you have to carry yourself right; you can't really slip up and you have to set the right example. Other than that, he told me about the dorms and meeting people and everything; it was pretty cool," he said.

Academics were also emphasized on the visit, and the running back was pleasantly surprised by something else, as well.

"We had a whole day spent on academics; I got some of that on my unofficial visit, but we saw even more.

"One thing they really did not slack on was the food; the food never stops! I was always full and they next thing you know, you look up, and we're eating again. They fed me well," he laughed.

One of the most important parts of Newby's trip to Lincoln was the opportunity to spend time with the coaching staff and find out just how high he was on the recruiting board, which had a strong impression.

"I had a meeting with Coach [Ron] Brown, the running backs coach; he was with me pretty much every step of the way. I spoke with [head coach] Bo Pelini, and I also had a meeting with [athletic director] Tom Osborne.

"My last impression of the trip was that they really want me. They are just great people up there; Coach Brown showed me the recruiting board and I was the number one recruit on their board, so that means a lot to me. What I really took from it is that there are really great people in the whole city. It's not in the middle of nowhere, like a lot of people think. It's an actual city, and it's great out there," he said.

Now back on the West Coast, Newby is looking to plan his second official visit.

"I think I'm going to take a visit to Oregon as my next visit, but I haven't officially set a date yet. We've been trying to set something up, see when I have an available space," he said.

He's also trying to plan some time to attend a UCLA home game.

"I'm actually talking with [running backs] Coach [Steve] Broussard about coming to the next home game. I was actually going to go to the Oregon State game this past weekend, but I was in Nebraska," he said.

Currently, Newby has no timeline in mind, and is taking his recruiting process step by step.

"That's kind of what I'm looking at now, taking all five visits. I really don't have a number set, but I think I'll most likely definitely take more than two. It'll probably be Oregon, California; I'm going to try and fit in California during the season. It's looking right now like I'll commit after my senior season, but I don't really have a timeline. That's why I want to take the visits; so I can make my decision," he said.

Aside from recruiting, Newby is focusing on his final season of high school ball, and has continued to impress.

"Last game I had 210 rushing yards, so the season has been going pretty well. We are looking good. I think where I've most improved since my junior season is with my vision; I'm able to see a lot more things open up than I did last year. I've been doing a better job of reading the defenses, also," he said.

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