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It's always pretty exciting when names of brothers or sons to former players come up. This past weekend Drew Brown from Southlake (Texas) Carroll was in the stands in Lincoln. The kicker is the younger brother of former Husker and NFL kicker Kris Brown. What are his thoughts on Nebraska?

Drew Brown from Southlake (Texas) Carroll has been up to Lincoln a time or two. Brown was up in Nebraska this past summer for kicking camp. He says that beyond just trying to get better while at camp he also wanted to understand if he really liked Nebraska.

"I went up for kicking camp this summer," Brown said. "This summer going into camp I wanted to figure out if I really liked it up there in Lincoln; and I love it up there. I got the opportunity to get better and feel like I got a lot accomplished and got better at that camp."

Brown says that Nebraska is recruiting him and he has Nebraska at the top of his list. He would like to get the opportunity to go to Nebraska to kick in college because of their history of developing great kickers, but an offer has not been extended to Brown yet.

"They are definitely at the top of the list. It would definitely be pretty special to go to Nebraska because of all of the past, great kickers that they have and the success that they have had. It would mean a lot to potentially kick there.

"I am getting a lot of interest from Nebraska so far. I honestly have no idea and have not talked to Nebraska about a scholarship or if they are going to take a scholarship kicker next year."

Brown gets up to Nebraska on occasion because he has family in the state. His brother is now in the state and he also has a grandparent out in the western part of the state. His opportunities are usually in the summer though because he's busy with his own football season now.

"I went up to a Nebraska game a couple of years ago when they played Kansas State and blew them out. Other than that, I haven't been up here that often because I am busy with football. My brother is there so I get up there at least once a summer and my grandmother lives in west Nebraska too."

Brown was able to make it to Lincoln this past weekend though because Southlake Carroll had a bye. Brown says that from the stands in Lincoln it's a unique experience and he says that it looks like Bo Pelini and his staff have the team going in the right direction.

"I was up for the Arkansas State game. It was pretty awesome. Even just sitting in the stands you get the feeling that Nebraska football is the biggest thing in the state. They have the sellout record and the fans even though it was a blowout were there the whole time. They are going in the right direction."

Southlake Carroll's head coach Hal Wasson told last week that he has a lot of confidence in the junior kicker. He said that out to 50 yards is in Brown's range. Andrew feels like there is still improvements that can be made.

"I feel like I am solid from inside 50. I could me a 50+ kick for sure. I am 100% inside 40 yards that's for sure. I feel like I have improved from year to year and I feel like I can improve from this year to next year."

Carroll High School has a pair of the best kickers in the nation. Brown will be a DI kicker next year and he's on a team that already has a DI kicker. Brown is only doing place kicking this year, but he would like to work on doing kick offs next year.

"I feel like I have really improved on kick offs and it's something that I am interested in taking on my senior year. Obviously Ty Cummings is very good at kick offs, there are not many better than him, but I feel like I could kick at that level and I will continue to work on kick offs to get that spot. It's a goal of mine."

Drew's brother, Kris Brown, was a four year starter at Nebraska and won two national titles. Brown was eventually drafted in the seventh round by the Pittsburgh Steelers and went on to play for four teams over the next 12 years.

"I think that he really likes the idea of me possibly going to Nebraska. I like the idea because he's close and obviously he's alumni and goes to all of the games up there. I think that he thinks it would be special to see his younger brother do what he did.

"I know that his kids love the idea. When I was up there his oldest son and his friends were at the game and he told them that I was there because Nebraska was recruiting me. They love the idea."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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