Lazard enjoys Lincoln

Nebraska had a chance to host some of their top targets in their 2013 class last night for the Wisconsin game. The Huskers also hosted some top 2014 recruits as well including this standout wide receiver from Urbandale (Iowa). What did he think about his first game in Nebraska?

Allen Lazard is a 6-foot-4.5 and 190-pound wide receiver from Urbandale (Iowa) and will be one of the top 2014 players in the nation next year. Lazard was in Lincoln yesterday for the Nebraska game.

"I got to Lincoln around 3:30 yesterday," Lazard said. "Right when I got there I went in and ate with the other recruits and some of the players that were hurt. I got a chance to talk to the coaches and also some people from the life skills staff."

Lazard was able to take in just a few things outside of the football related activities yesterday. After doing those few activities it was back to football and the game last night.

"After that I went back down with the other recruits. I got a chance to go into the locker room and then we went out onto the field. The fans were going cray. It was like we were players almost."

Lazard has had a chance to take some other trips and go to some other games before seeing Nebraska. Nebraska had a huge come from behind win last night and Lazard said that he loved the game.

"It was probably the best game I have seen all year. I loved it. If I went to Nebraska I could really spread the defense out a little more in the passing game and that will help out everyone and the run game."

This is the second time that Lazard has been to Lincoln. The first time was this summer, but this was his first game experience in Nebraska. The overall visit got a very high mark from Lazard.

"I would say that the visit was an "8.5" or "9". I think that I am going to go to Ohio State next weekend to see them play Nebraska. I want to see Columbus. I will probably be back in Lincoln for the Michigan or Penn State game."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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