Great weekend for Samuelson

Dan Samuelson was one of four Nebraska commitments that took their official visit to Nebraska this weekend. Samuelson said that he had a great trip this weekend and came away with a better understanding about how much the team matters to the fans and to the state of Nebraska overall.

Plymouth (Ind.) offensive lineman Dan Samuelson took his official visit to Nebraska this weekend. He caught up to talk about his trip from the car as he and his family prepared for a 10 hour drive home.

"It's about 10 hours to Lincoln from my house," Samuelson said. "We got to Lincoln yesterday after driving all night after my game on Friday. We got to the stadium about 2:00 that afternoon."

Like so many other recruits Samuelson said that he didn't go hungry while he was in Lincoln on his official visit. In fact the first thing that he did once he got to the campus was eat with the other recruits.

"We went right to the Hawks practice facility and ate with the other recruits and the players that weren't suiting up that day. I had a chance to meet with some of the coaches about that time too.

"We came out and got a chance to watch the players come off the buses. That was pretty cool. We headed up to the players' lounge and watched a video after that before we headed down to the field."

Samuelson said that he and the other recruits were on the field for warm ups and then moved inside to the locker room before the tunnel walk. Before the actual tunnel walk the recruits make their way down to the sideline and Samuelson said that was the most impressive part of the weekend.

"That was just the coolest part of the weekend for me. All of the fans were outside of the locker room and they were all shouting at us to come to Nebraska.

"After that we were on the sideline for the tunnel walk for the players. That was pretty cool too. I'd have to say that the crowd noise at that point gave me the chills. It was so loud."

Nebraska has really been balanced this season, but the balance is based upon running the football. Samuelson says that he thinks he really fits in the Nebraska offense and what they want to do.

"I think that I fit in pretty well at Nebraska and with their offense. They want to run the ball obviously and that's what we do in high school. I really can't wait to start learning the Nebraska offense."

This weekend was Samuelson's one official visit to Nebraska, but he plans on seeing Nebraska play more this season. When he sees Nebraska after this weekend he will likely be doing it for a Nebraska away game.

"I am planning on going to some away games. I might be able to go to the Ohio State game next weekend and I am also looking at going to Michigan State and Northwestern. I don't have any plans to get back to Lincoln, but I would like to."

Samuelson has seen Nebraska before, in fact he was there for an unofficial visit after he got his offer and again for Big Red Weekend, but he still found out something new about Nebraska.

"I had the impression that the fans were loyal and crazy. I didn't have any idea though what that really was. I got a clear picture of how much the team means to the fans and to the state."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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