Huskers right at the top

J.D. Hinnant from Fountain Valley (Calif.) has had this official visit date set up with Nebraska for a while now. It was a great night and a great weekend to catch a game in Lincoln as well as having a chance to see Nebraska make the second biggest come from behind victory in school history.

This past week was a very fluid situation for most of the official visitors, but not with J.D. Hinnant. The standout offensive lineman from Fountain Valley (Calif.) has had this trip set for a while. Hinnant was up and out of Nebraska early this morning though trying to make it home.

"Our flight out this morning was at 6:00," Hinnant said. "We were up way too early at around 4:00. I got about two hours of sleep. It's my sister's birthday so we are trying to make it back home to be with her."

As a trade off, Hinnant actually got into Lincoln late on Thursday night and had a full day with Nebraska on Friday. He said that the first thing that he had a chance to do was talk with the coaches.

"We met with the coaches on Friday and we also met with some of the recruits that were already there. We also had a chance to meet with the academic center staff. I found out that Nebraska leads the nation in academic all-Americans. I also met with the staff at the life skills center."

Hinnant said that his host was Sam Cotton from Nebraska and that later on Friday he hung out with the team and went to dinner and a team movie. On Saturday they were back on campus and meeting with more people associated with the program.

"We had brunch with the team and then headed over to chapel. I got a chance to meet with the strength and conditioning coaches, the nutritionist and the trainers. The facilities at Nebraska are just the best I have ever seen."

Closer to game time Hinnant said that he and the other recruits were on the field and moved to the locker room before the start of the game. Before the tunnel walk all of the recruits got a chance to walk out through the tunnel and make their way to the sideline.

"The pregame was just amazing. Nebraska has the best fans in the world. There were all sorts of little kids high-fiving me. The tunnel walk was insane. I was getting goosebumps on the field."

The Nebraska offense was balanced on Saturday night and Hinnant feels like he's a good fit for the style and what the offense wants to do. Hinnant thought that the Huskers calmed down in the second half, came out and executed.

"I thought that the Nebraska offense played well in the second half especially. I like the fact that Nebraska is a running team. I think that I am good fit for their offense as either a guard or a tackle possibly. Nebraska out-coached Wisconsin in the second half."

Despite having to get out of town early this morning to catch a flight and not getting a lot of sleep Hinnant gives Nebraska a good rating. The visit to Lincoln puts them at the top with Hinnant.

"The visit was probably an "8" or a "9". I had an awesome experience and nothing could have been better. I am going to Oregon on the 17th and I will go to Oregon State in Novemeber. I htink that I will take the last two trips to cal and Nevada. Nebraska is right up there at the top for me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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