Hart impressed by Nebraska

The tight end position was important for Nebraska last night and it has been all season. Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Alter has taken notice of Nebraska's use of the tight end position and is very excited about how he fits in at the position in Lincoln after his official visit this weekend.

Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Alter was one of four Nebraska commitments in Lincoln this weekend who were on official visits. Hart said that he got introduced to another official visitor and then saw a couple of familiar faces.

"I got in to Lincoln at about 12:30 yesterday," Hart said. "It was my official visit and Latravis Washington picked me up and took JoJo Kemp and me out for something to eat. We then went back to the hotel and met up with Courtney Love and Marcus McWilson."

This was Hart's third trip to see Nebraska and he left from Lincoln very impressed. He has never seen what it's like for a game in Lincoln and that really blew him away.

"It was really impressive. I didn't know what to expect of the atmosphere, but I have seen a Michigan/Ohio State game in Columbus and have been to a game at Notre Dame. The atmosphere here is unbelievable. I sat by a guy last night that has had season tickets since 1956. That was cool."

The tight end was key to Nebraska last night. Between Kyler Reed and Ben Cotton the two pulled in four receptions for 57 yards and a score between the two of them. Hart took notice of the role of the tight end.

"I thought that all of the tight ends played really good last night. I watched Reed, Cotton, Jake Long and Conor McDermott. I think that Reed has caught 15 passes this season and there have been 30 caught by the tight ends. I watched the film of last night's game with Coach Vince Marrow this morning."

There isn't a lot of the campus that Hart hasn't seen or hasn't experienced before. This was his third trip to Nebraska and he was left to roam a little bit which he appreciated about the weekend.

"I got a chance to see the dorms and since I have been on two visits already to Nebraska there isn't a lot that I needed to see. I spent a lot of time with Coach Marrow and Coach Bo Pelini and just walked around and talked to people."

Hart is the type of player that acts a bit as your ambassador and he's great to have around other recruits. Hart said that he had a lot of time to talk to the other recruits particularly those that weren't committed.

"I spent a lot of time with J.D. Hinnant, Christian Morris, David Knevel and Dominic Walker and they all loved it. They had nothing negative to say about it. I know that JoJo Kemp was loving it too."

Hart will get to see another game or two this fall of Nebraska's but probably not in Lincoln. It's an expensive trip for him to make from Ohio and the Huskers will be making some games out closer to where he lives.

"I don't think that I will be back to Lincoln before signing day. I would like to get back for junior day next year or the spring game. I will be at Ohio State for the Nebraska game and I will be wearing all of my Nebraska gear."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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