Morris enjoys time in Nebraska

Memphis (Tenn.) East offensive lineman Christian Morris took an official visit to Nebraska over the weekend and said his previous commitment to UCLA might not be as strong as it was prior to the weekend.

Christian Morris has gone back and forth a bit on his commitment to UCLA in the last few weeks. He nearly de-committed early last week over concerns about the Bruins depth chart before solidifying things after talking with the coaching staff.

After seeing Nebraska up close and personal, Morris said the Huskers wowed him.

"It was great and nothing like what I expected," Morris said. "A lot of people from my town were saying Nebraska was going to be boring and nothing to do. I really liked it, it was a cool college town and I thought it was a pretty lively place overall.

"The game atmosphere and the game in general was my favorite part about the visit. The crowd was loud the whole time, even when they were down and in the second half when they rallied, it was crazy in there. By far one of the best game day experiences I've ever seen. The fans were great and knew all of our names. When Kenny Lacy and I came out of the tunnel, they were calling us out and telling us to be Huskers."

Morris has taken an unofficial visit to UCLA and said it was hard to compare the two schools right now.

"I really can't say yet," Morris said. "I think I'll have a better idea of where I feel more comfortable after my official visit to UCLA. Right now, I would say I'm still solid with UCLA but I'm not done evaluating. I have some time and plan to make a final decision after the Army All-American game.

"I feel strong about UCLA but I loved it at Nebraska too. I'm going to visit Oklahoma as well and that will be it for me. Then I'll think some things over before making a final decision later in the year."

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