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Vanderbilt commitment Dominic Walker from Orlando (Flor.) Evans took an official visit this past weekend to see Nebraska. The standout receiver says that any other visit that he might take will not beat what he saw in Nebraska this past weekend. What is his commitment status after the trip?

The overwhelming opinion from the official visitors for Nebraska this past weekend was that the atmosphere was great, the fans were loud and it will be very tough to beat. Dominic Walker from Orlando (Flor.) Evans liked what he saw in Lincoln.

"I got up to Lincoln about 8:00 on Friday night," Walker said. "Went to the movies with the players and hung out with the redshirt freshmen. Alonzo Moore was my player-host.

"On Saturday morning we went to campus for the tour and I saw the facilities and spoke to the life skills staff. I also met with the Athletic Director and spoke to the academic support people after that."

The recruits then made their way down to the field for pre-game. After pre-game when the players went back to the locker room and listened to the last meetings. After that the recruits made their way through the tunnel before the team.

"Oh yeah, people already knew we were. It was amazing. They all knew our names. I signed a couple of autographs while I was there. The people also knew who we were in the stands.

"When the players came out I kept thinking that I could go to Nebraska and do that too. It's a great opportunity. There were about 86,000 fans there and I couldn't believe that I was actually there."

The Nebraska offense got out of the gates a little slow, but really started to roll in the second half. Walker watched closely from the stands and saw what he could possibly bring to the offense.

"I really see myself fitting in. The Nebraska staff said that they can see me playing a lot like Kenny Bell and they also say that I can do some things like Quincy Enunwa. The coaches said that I could come in and play both spots."

Walker was in Lincoln for most of the day on Sunday and it was filled with things for him to do. The time on Sunday also included some decompression time to just hang out and soak it all in.

"I headed back tot eh stadium and hung out on Sunday. I had some meetings with Coach Tim Beck, Coach Rich Fisher and Coach Bo Pelini. We talked about the weekend and my opinion of Nebraska. They all said that they would really love to have me."

While Nebraska would love to have Walker it's probably pretty certain that Vanderbilt would love to hold onto him. So what is Walker going to do? He says that more visits are in order.

"I am still looking at other schools and I am still committed to Vanderbilt. I am still trying to see what is available and the trip to Nebraska really has me thinking."

Walker says that he will visit Missouri in late October, see Cincinnati in December and will finally get over to see Vanderbilt in January. Walker says what he will see on those visits will not compare to what he saw in Lincoln.

"I would rate the visit to Nebraska a "10". It couldn't get any better than that. It just doesn't get any better based on what I saw at Nebraska with the fans and the facilities."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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