Husker high

Canadian offensive tackle David Knevel makes his first official visit this fall. He came home more than just impressed with the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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It's pretty simple, the Cornhuskers have left a lasting impression on massive Canadian offensive tackle David Knevel. This standout from Brantford, Ontario, returned today from his official visit from Nebraska.

"Nebraska has set the bar really high," said Knevel via email. "It was coaches [John] Garrison and [Barney] Cotton that got me to Nebraska this past weekend. I had opportunity to talk with them quite a bit prior to my visit and our time this weekend solidified my first impression that these guys are genuine. Meeting players like current starting line players like Brent Quale, freshman Greg McMullen, commits like Courtney Love you see the direct result being around great people in a great environment has a person. I like that.

"My relationship with the OL coaches is very important to me. I feel in order to reach my highest potential as a student athlete I need to surround myself with people I trust, believe in and feel comfortable with. They will become the extension of my family, my home away from home. "

Something else that blew away the 6-foot-8 and 300-pound three-star recruit was game day in Lincoln. Who wouldn't be impressed with the big ‘Red Machine'?

"The game day energy was electric," Knevel said. "The game kept everyone one the edge of their seats. I was impressed with how they came back for a win in the last quarter."

Knevel stars for Pauline Johnson north of the border. He realizes that regardless of his decision, he will have to travel a good distance from home. Lincoln, Ne. doesn't bother him in the slightest.

"Nebraska is not in the middle of nowhere like I was told. Well if it is, I'm from the middle of nowhere," Knevel said. "And thats ok. On the ride from Omaha to Lincoln it felt like I was driving home from the airport. Rolling hills, farmland, farmers harvesting crops. I wasn't aware the university campus was in the middle of town, it sure doesn't feel like it when you're on campus. The campus is compact and that is appealing when time management will be a priority."

There wasn't much that Knevel didn't like about his trip to Nebraska and it's a place where he certainly could call home.

"Yes, I can see myself at Nebraska," Knevel said. "When I look at the big picture, everything from the structural parts, the campus, athletic facilities, dorms, the people, coaching staff, players, and academic team within the those walls I could see myself fitting in quite well. I am familiar with offense they play and can see myself on the line.

"My mom and I left Nebraska on a 'husker high'. We did have a great trip."

Knevel will make a second official visit this coming weekend. This time it's Purdue (10-6). He's also considering Wisconsin, Washington State and others.

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