We're Back

Big Red Report is back on Scout.com - read for more information.

As you all know, the last four days since the new site launched have been very trying times for the Big Red Report staff and the users of Big Red Report. The FOX Sports Next team has been unable to seamlessly transfer the accounts, and unable to stabilize an array of technical problems since the launch. We've worked tirelessly to try and help all of you through this process, but it's become clear that FOX Sports Next is not quite ready for launch.

Because of this, we're moving back to the old site Scout.com. If you are reading this, we have already moved back.

We're sorry everyone had to endure these last four days. At some point in the coming months there will be a redesign, as it's in the best interests of this site to make technological improvements, but not at the expense of our readers' patience and good will. The most important thing is to provide content that our readers appreciate and pay for.

The new site will stay up for constant testing, corrections, and change - even though Bryan Munson and I will not be publishing there. It will not be launched again during the season, or before National Signing Day - but I would guess sometime after that. This way, when we go back, it will be done right.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at jharvey@scout.com or pm me.

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