Hart sold on Huskers

Nebraska commitment Greg Hart was in Columbus for the Huskers loss against Ohio State. What were his thoughts?

Greg Hart, a tight end commitment for Nebraska from Kettering (Ohio) Alter, has seen back to back Nebraska games. The first one two weeks ago was his official visit in Lincoln to see Nebraska play Wisconsin. Hart was in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend to see Nebraska play Ohio State.

"I honestly didn't think that the atmosphere was as good," Hart said. "I was just in Lincoln last weekend for the Wisconsin game. I thought that it was just overall better, louder great atmosphere."

While the Nebraska experience might have been better, louder the Nebraska performance on the field paled in comparison to Ohio State. Hart said that he's seen it all year, but he never envisioned 63 points. Still, it was a good chance to compare and appreciate Lincoln.

"I saw the defense struggling all year. I didn't think that they would allow 63 points, but I knew that if they didn't get anything put together that teams would be able to score on them. Their offense has looked OK, lots of turnovers. It was a good experience this weekend; a good contrast."

Ohio State had some interest in Hart early in the process. It really kicked off when Hart's popularity shot up. Then Nebraska offered. Hart quickly took a trip over to Lincoln following the offer and decided that Nebraska was the right place for him.

"Coach Tim Hinton liked me at Ohio State. He was the running backs coach at Notre Dame and is now the tight end coach at Ohio State. He has always liked me. When things started picking up for me he asked me to come to camp so they could see me play.

"It's hard to pick up an in-state offer from Ohio State. He wanted me to come to the camp after I had visited Nebraska, but I was already sold on Nebraska. I grew up an Ohio State fan, kind of, but after seeing Nebraska I didn't think that Ohio State would be a better fit (than Nebraska)."

The offer from Ohio State is purely hypothetical, but Hart said that it could have made a difference. He grew up a bit of a fan and would have meant a lot. However, after seeing Lincoln and really comparing what there is to offer at Nebraska to everyone else there wasn't a comparison.

"I definitely would have thought about it (decommitting), but I think that I would have stayed with Nebraska. It's just such a great place. It's the perfect fit for me. It's big, but it's not too populated. Ohio State is big and there are lots of people. It's also a little close to home. Nebraska was a great choice."

A question that fans might be interested in asking a recruit is what their thoughts are on the direction of the program. Hart believes that things are still going a positive way. He knows that times are tough now, but he sees the recent coaching changes and a bunch of young guys on the two and three deep that will make a difference.

"I think that it's going in the right direction. Coach John Papuchis is just in his first year, they are playing some young guys and I think that the young guys that are there and the players in my class are linebackers that can play in space. I think that Coach Bo Pelini is a defensive minded guy and he'll take care of it."

63 points scored against his future team and Hart says that he couldn't be more solid with his commitment to Nebraska. He sees the commitment from the coaches to their players in Lincoln and he doesn't think that there is a better fit for him at any school around the nation.

"I am definitely solid. Nebraska is the perfect program. I have a lot of opportunity there. I think that the coaches there really care about their players and have your back. I don't think that there is a better opportunity for me in the nation. It's the best fit and chance for me."

Hart was in the stands in Columbus and he knows that there were others making plans to be in attendance, but to his knowledge he was the only one. He knows that he and the other commitments from the area in the class were disappointed how the game turned out. He sees opportunity through all of the challenges that Nebraska currently faces this year and going forward, particularly on defense.

"I talked to Courtney Love and Kevin Gladney and they both stayed home this weekend instead of going to the game. They were going to go. I think that we all kind of feel the same. We are disappointed, but as a defensive prospect for Nebraska it's an opportunity. I think that we are going to be solid."

Hart said that Alter High School is rolling right now. He actually had a game before the Nebraska game on Saturday. "We are doing great. We are 6-0. I had to play Saturday morning in Cincinnati and so I missed the whole first quarter of the Nebraska game. We are doing pretty well."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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