Two more trips set for Hinnant

There have been a few weeks now for J.D. Hinnant to think about his trip to Nebraska. It's something that he's thinking about as he plans on taking a couple more trips in November. Hinnant is also recovering from an injury that he suffered last week that he says an intentional act to injure him on a PAT.

J.D. Hinnant from Fountain Valley (Calif.) saw the ugly side of football. For some the game is an opportunity to injure other players. It's sad and pathetic, but it's a fact. Hinnant said that a player took advantage of a PAT to hurt him last week.

"I got a little hurt last week," Hinnant said. "I hurt my knee last week after a guy wrapped his body around my leg and just twisted and pulled. I stretched my Achilles tendon and I sprained my ankle. It was on a PAT and the refs didn't even see it."

Hinnant returned from Nebraska few weeks ago and says that his next two trips will be later in the month of November. He might take a fourth trip after the season is over with, but there are a couple of other schools that he's still considering as well.

"My next visit is to Oregon on November 17th and Oregon State on the 24th. I think that I am down to four. I would say that it's Nebraska, Oregon, California and Oregon State. There are still a couple of other schools floating around waiting to see how the season goes. I might go to Cal after the season."

There has been some time for Hinnant to think about his first official visit to Nebraska that he took a few weeks ago. It's clear that Nebraska made quite the impression on him from an athletic and academic standpoint.

"I really liked it at Nebraska, had a great time, and it seems like a place that I could stay for four years. I got a long with all of the players awesome. I didn't know how much they cared about academics until they said that they had the most academic All-Americans in the nation and lead by a long shot."

A commitment by Hinnant will be made as soon as possible. He says that it could come as soon as the end of his season and it could also extend into an end of the year. "It's definitely as soon as possible. Maybe that is at the end of the season, maybe that is around the Holidays, but I would definitely like to make a decision as soon as possible."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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