Compton: "Leadership needs to kick in"

During the bye week, Nebraska had a players only defensive meeting. The lead of the group - Will Compton.

Linebacker Will Compton is the undisputed leader of the Nebraska defense. After the Northwestern Wildcats came into Lincoln and beat a top 10-ranked Husker team last year, and after allowing 63 points to Ohio State last weekend, all eyes will be on the Nebraska defense in Evanston, Illinois this Saturday.

After losing linebacker Lavonte David to the NFL, Compton stepped in as not only the leader of the linebacking core, but also the leader of the defense. The senior knows that this is his time to take a hold of the defense.

"Were at the point of the season, we haven't responded, we haven't fought back from the adversity we've faced. We've been in this situation before," said Compton. "This is when leadership needs to kick in and hold everybody accountable."

But after a big loss like last Saturday, over thinking can become a big problem with guys, especially the younger players. Compton talked about film and helping younger guys out.

"Sometimes if you over do yourself tendency wise you start mistaken to many things and then you start guessing what might happen and something else could nip you in the bud," Compton said. "You don't want to just sit there and watch the opponent and be like oh he's good or check this guy out and that's usually what happens with younger guys."

Coming out of a bye week, the Husker players and coaches have had a lot of time to prepare, so now its time to show what's been worked on.

"These last couple days we've really gotten after it," said Compton. " Bo (Pelini), he's done his part, now we just got to do ours. We want to win the Big Ten, and we can."

When asked about this week's game, Compton knows that they have a dynamic that not a lot of other teams have.

"They do a lot of good things. There a smart football team, they understand leverages and the whole nine yards," said Compton. "They have two good quarterbacks actually, number two (Kain Colter) and number thirteen (Trevor Sieman). Kain Colter poses a big threat in running and we have to do a good job defending him. They do a lot of good things."

The big news last week was when Pelini said that the team had to win out. At first, it made most fans turn their heads, but the players have really been following that statement, and know it's true.

"We can't fold like we have in previous years," said Compton.

- Josh Harvey -

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