Sandland not fazed by ASU's loss to Oregon

The Sun Devils' 43-21 loss to the Ducks naturally didn't produce many positive outcomes. Nonetheless, one if its most coveted recruits, tight end Beau Sandland, who was in attendance for that contest was able to put that defeat in its proper perspective as it relates to his recruitment by ASU.

"I love it down there," Sandland commented about his visit. "It's my third time there and way more than I have been to any school recruiting me. It's convenient to get there and I don't know how anybody can't love Tempe, Arizona. So I really enjoy coming down here.

"Obviously you would like to see a win, but it's tough when you play the third best team in the nation, and you can argue that they are the number two or number one team in the nation. Arizona State started the game with a lot of energy, but Oregon just took over the game after their first touchdown. I liked seeing them (ASU) play hard until the end. My opinion about Arizona State didn't change because of the game."

Naturally, the Pierce College standout, rated as a four-star prospect by Fox Sports Next, closely followed Sun Devil tight end Chris Coyle, who finished the game with a team-high seven catches and 56 receiving yards.

"I liked seeing how much he was involved in the offense," Sandland described. "He was open a lot of times but Taylor Kelly wasn't always able to find him because he was under pressure pretty much all night. You can tell this offense is really tight end friendly and more so that a lot of teams out there."

Since this was the first in-season visit for Sandland at Arizona State his experience was different this time around.

"There were just a lot of people everywhere we went," Sandland noted. "There were tailgates everywhere. It was nice to see some the stuff that was under construction last time I was here and now they are all finished. We saw Brock Osweiler and Demaryius Thomas which was cool because I'm a huge Broncos fan."

The 6-6 250-pound Beau Sandland has been pursued by the Sun Devils for several months now, and the coaching staff took advantage of their face to face time to reinforce that message with the Pierce College tight end.

"I was taking to Coach Graham, Coach Long and Coach Norvell," Sandland recalled, "and they let me know how important I am to their recruiting class. They said how they would love to have an opportunity to coach me, and they are really excited for what we all can do together down here.

"I have a great relationship with them and obviously the more you talk to the same people and you're around them a lot, the more you feel comfortable with them. The more I'm coming down here the more this place seems favorable to me."

Sandland announced earlier this month that he plans to release his Top 5 schools on November 1st. When we asked him if it was fair to assume that Arizona State would be on that list, he replied: "Yes."

In terms of future official visits, Sandland who already visited Ole Miss in September (a school he later dropped from consideration) was uncommitted about Tempe being one of those destinations because of his already deep familiarity with the school.

"I've already been down here three times and I've seen everything there is to see," Sandland explained. "So I'm reluctant to visit somewhere close to home when schools like Miami want me to visit them, but I don't know."

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