Stanton talks about his official visit

It was a cold weekend in Lincoln, but that didn't stop all of the recruits this past weekend from enjoying themselves. Johnny Stanton Was on his layover in Las Vegas when he caught up with Big Red Report today to talk about his trip.

Johnny Stanton was supposed to make his official visit to Nebraska for the Wisconsin game. That was until he hurt his knee which required surgery. Stanton had to delay his visit to have the surgery then, but was able to make it this weekend for the Michigan game.

"We are in Las Vegas for our connecting flight," Stanton said. "We have only about 15 minutes or so and don't have to leave our plane for our connection.

"We got to Lincoln at about 4:00 on Saturday. We got there, ate in the hospitality center and I got a chance to hang out with the other recruits. We got a chance to meet with the coaches quick around the film room and then went down to the field."

Stanton has seen Lincoln before, but this was his first chance to see the stadium full for a home game. There were a lot of expectations about the game day environment and Stanton said he was blown away by what he saw.

"It was very fun to get a chance to see all of the fans, hear all of their cheers and see that atmosphere of game day. It was everything that I expected of game day in Lincoln and more. The fans are just crazy in Nebraska. Their energy was very cool to see."

The Nebraska offense seems to morph from week to week based on the defense and where the Nebraska offensive coaches feel like they can have success. Stanton loves that about Nebraska's offense. He knows that he's a great fit and he had a chance to break down the game film with his future coach.

"Oh absolutely I like the fit. The offense is very versatile. You very easily saw everything that could be changed after watching the film today with Coach Tim Beck. It was very interesting to see from his perspective what went wrong and what was right on every play."

Stanton, like all of the other commitments, were looking forward to being around other uncommitted players. There was a great opportunity for Stanton to have an influence on their decision and their overall visit experience.

"All of the recruits had a great time. I spent time with all of them, but I was with Priest Willis, Aaron Cochran and Demorea Stringfellow the most. We weren't together all the time because we had different hosts.

"My host was Sam Cotton. He has just a great attitude about everything. He's having a great time there in Lincoln. At other schools where I spoke to red shirt freshmen they weren't having fun. At Nebraska the red shirts were all involved and loving it."

This was the chance for Stanton to see that one home game on his official visit. He has heard a lot about game days in Lincoln and said that everything that he saw was absolutely perfect.

"The visit was absolutely a "10". Nothing could have been better. I doubt that I get back again this fall, but I think that I will try and get back for the spring game next year."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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