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It was a good sign that Brantford (Ont.) Pauline Johnson Collegiate was returning to Nebraska for an unofficial visit this weekend. The Huskers are trying to find a couple offensive tackles in the 2013 class and Knevel might be their best chance to get their first one.

There were a number of official visitors this weekend in Lincoln and there were a handful of significant unofficial visitors too. The tops of that list were David Knevel from Brantford (Ont.) Pauline Johnson Collegiate who made a return visit to Nebraska on his own dime.

"I left Nebraska this morning," Knevel said. "I slept the whole way back. It was a long weekend. I wanted to see everything again to solidify it. I have been a few places a few times and I notice some things do change or are off and sometimes they aren't.

"Everything was consistent with the first time I was up there. I solidified a lot of things and how I thought about Nebraska. It was good."

One of the big reasons Knevel wanted to get back to Nebraska was so his father could see it. Dad accompanied David this weekend and Nebraska got the stamp of approval.

"My dad really liked it. He told me that if I decided to go to Nebraska that he would completely support it. That was really important to me."

One interesting story that has emerged over the weekend is David's twin brother. David's brother is also a football player, not an offensive lineman, and it seems that he will potentially have a college career as well.

"I do have a twin brother and he's a quarterback. He's 6-foot-5 and 220-pounds. He's an athletic quarterback. He didn't come with me on the visit. He's going to be going to junior college or the prep school route. He needs some playing time in the states."

After Nebraska there are two more official visits set up for Knevel. He doesn't have any plans to make any other unofficial visits, but he says that could change at any time in a moments notice.

"I have two more officials set. I am going to go to Wisconsin and Washington State on official visits. I haven't planned anymore unofficial visits yet. Usually when I do plan an unofficial it's kind of a spur of the moment thing. I don't see it likely happening though."

After another weekend in Nebraska the Huskers have vaulted to the top of Knevel's list. He says that Nebraska is now the team to beat after a weekend that really verified what he already saw and thought about Nebraska.

"I would say that Nebraska is my favorite team right now. The return visit really put it over the top. I would say that they are the team to beat. It was a great visit."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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