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If the writing wasn't on the wall already that Ben Bradley was considering opening things up when news about him visiting Nebraska broke it's clear now. Bradley was just in Lincoln for part of a day and says it's one of the best visits he's taken. He also says that he is officially decommitted from Tennessee and looking around.

Ben Bradley, a 6-foot-3 and 314-pund nose tackle, from Hutchinson (Kans.) C.C., took a visit to Nebraska this weekend. It was supposed to be an official visit, but Bradley and his teammate Toby Johnson ended up just making the drive on Saturday morning.

"I don't know what happened with our ride," Bradley said. "We were able to get a car on Saturday morning and made the trip up there ourselves. It's only a three and a half or four hour drive."

Bradley and Johnson were greeted and shuttled into the defensive coordinator's office in Lincoln when they made it to town. Shortly after that they met the rest of the staff and took a short tour before they had to get out to the stadium for the game.

"Right when we got there we met with Coach J.P. (John Papuchis) and chilled in his office. We met with most of the defensive coaches and did a tour. I really liked all of their facilities. They have great facilities. I liked everything that I saw."

Before the game the recruits are able to do the tunnel walk before the team comes out. Bradley said that the tunnel walk was one of the highlights of the weekend for him. He said that there were a lot of fans there that already knew who he was.

"The tunnel walk was great. They are the only school that I know has something like that where the fans are right there as you come out. That was so cool. It was upbeat. All of the fans there knew who we were and were yelling our names."

Bradley and Johnson ended up leaving the game early to beat traffic and get back home, but he saw enough of a great defensive effort by the Blackshirts to know he could play in Lincoln. Bradley saw the spot that he would more than likely be asked to play in Lincoln if that is where he chooses to go to school after Hutch.

"We left early so I didn't get to see all of the game, but I really liked what Nebraska was doing on defense. I think that I could go in and play and do what No. 55 was doing. I am looking for a team that runs a 4-3 and gives me a chance to win one on one match-ups."

The big news besides just the results of the game this weekend was that the school where Bradley was committed fired their head coach. Tennessee released a statement stating that Dooley would not be back for next season and that was something that Bradley kind of saw coming.

"Yeah, Coach Dooley was fired and I kind of saw this coming after the Missouri game. I am going to open up my recruiting. I haven't really spoken to many schools except Nebraska and Miami. We will see what happens and who Tennessee brings in to replace Dooley."

While Bradley was only in Lincoln for only a half of a day, he says that the visit was one of the best visit he's ever taken. He's not sure if he will be able to get out in January, but he's going to try. He probably won't sign with a team either and will just decide to enroll.

"It was like one of my top visits I have ever taken; even if it wasn't a complete visit and it was still great. There's a chance that I could transfer in January, but it's going to be a lot of work. I don't know if I will sign with anyone and just enroll at the school."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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