Peko rates visit to Nebraska a "10"

If there has been a recurring theme about the official visitors that Nebraska has brought in the past couple of weekends it might include "junior college" and "defensive linemen". The Huskers are looking for immediate help on their defensive front and will probably take at least two, interior lineman in this class.

Kyle Peko from Norwalk (Calif.) Cerritos College took his second official visit this past weekend. The standout, junior college defensive tackle was in Lincoln and got up there in the afternoon on Friday.

"I am at the airport right now," Peko said. "I got to Nebraska on Friday around 4:00. I got to go and eat with them and I met some of the coaches. I took a tour around for a while and it was awesome.

"After that I met my host, who was a freshman on the team, and I hung out a lot with another visitor named Trevell Dixon. His host was my host's room mate. They took us around to see some other things in Lincoln."

On Saturday, Peko headed back over to the campus and met up with the team. He said that they broke down after that and he was able to go to the defensive meetings. After that he got a chance to meet with some of the other people associated with the program before heading out for the game.

"I got up Saturday and went and ate with the team. I went to some of the defensive meetings after that, saw the academic support center, met with the strength and conditioning coaches and met with the nutritionist. I ate again, they fed us a lot there, and I ate again at halftime."

Peko said that the recruits were led out of the locker room before the players and did their own version of the tunnel walk. Peko was blown away by how many of the fans there knew who he was and were yelling at him.

"The tunnel walk was crazy. All of the people already knew me and were yelling my name. It was really exciting."

It was a solid defensive effort that actually could have been a shut out for Nebraska, but Peko said that didn't matter a lot. He likes the scheme that Nebraska uses up front and says that he feels like he could really fit in at Nebraska.

"I can definitely see myself fitting in. I met with all of the defensive linemen and I was comfortable. They told me that I could come in, work hard and start. The scheme is what I am looking for when it comes to playing a three-technique."

This morning was more about business than it was seeing anything else. Peko says that his time is limited where he chooses to go to now and it's important to make the best possible decision. Today he met with the people that were able to answer all of his questions about Nebraska.

"I went back to the football facilities this morning and got a chance to talk with the defensive line coach, the defensive coordinator and the head coach which was really cool. We talked business, because this was a business trip for me, I have two years is all. They told me why they need me and where they think I can help them the most."

Peko was blown away by the visit to Nebraska. Peko rated the visit a perfect score and said that he really liked the fact that it was Senior Day in Lincoln and that they had the tribute to Tom Osborne and his time at Nebraska.

"I would rate the trip a "10". I really liked the crown, the game, the fact that it was senior weekend and the ceremony with Coach Tom Osborne. It's a great atmosphere. It was great overall."

Peko is going to be finishing up this calendar year with a flurry. He says that he has one official visit scheduled, knows of another team that he wants to visit and is undecided about where he will take his fifth trip.

"I am trying to get in all of my visits by the end of December. I am going to go to Utah on Novemeber 30th and I am going to set up a visit with Washington. I don't know about the last visit and where I will go."

As of right now there are two Big Ten teams on top for Peko. Some don't know, but there is a connection for Peko back to one of the schools. He says that the connection isn't something that will really factor into his decision, but it has been a source of guidance through this process.

"Nebraska and Michigan State are my top two right now. Domata Peko is my cousin and he played at Michigan State. That doesn't really play into my decision at all, but I talk to him a lot and he gives me advice. He said to go where I am most comfortable."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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