Notebook: Huskers get to work

Come inside as Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck prepares for Iowa on Friday.


With nothing left to play for, this may be the most dangerous opponent the Huskers have seen all season. Being able to try new things and take more risks could pose as a threat to the Huskers on defense and offense as well. And despite a 4-7 record, Beck knows that Nebraska can't take the Hawkeyes lightly.

"There's well coached, very sound defensively," said Beck. "They play a system that guys know, and they're good at what they do."

With no possibility for a bowl game, this in a sense is the bowl game for Iowa, but Beck doesn't think they will see a lot of differences in how Iowa has played this season.

"I don't think there going to try to trick you, their not going to do something different from what we've seen," said Beck.

Beck added:

"They don't make many mistakes, and we cant either."


Freshmen running back, Imani Cross, started the season on Nebraska's depth chart as the fourth running back. But with multiple injuries to Rex Burkhead, Cross has been able to step in and make a sizable contribution. Imani already has six touchdowns and the coaches rely on him as a short down back.

"He's got great work ethic, he's a guy that always stays after practice, he's a great kid really humble," said Beck. "He continues to work hard every day, off and on the field."

After already making a huge contribution to the team, coaches believe that he hasn't even scratched the surface of what he can become.

"I think he's got a huge upside, it's still early in his career and he's still learning the game," said Beck. "Too his credit, he studies the game, but its not second nature quite yet."


It's been said for over five weeks now, if you win you play in the Big Ten Championship game, if you lose you have to hope that some other things will go your way. The Huskers have reached the point where one game is al they need, a win against Iowa will seal their spot in the Big Ten championship game, and Beck and his players know that this is a must win.

"I told them, all their hard work,, everything they've done in the offseason, will all be for not if you don't finish your work," said Beck.

Other quotes to note:

On Kenny Bell: "Kenny has incredible ability," Beck said. "He can be a great wide receiver for a long time."

On Jamal Turner: "His (Turner) route running skills are improving," Beck said. "I don't know if something has clicked so he understands how to get open now, it's not just about getting open it is setting guys up and changing speed and using release technique."

- Josh Harvey -

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