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There are few more energetic commitments in the 2013 class for Nebraska than Greg Hart. Hart is excited about the current state of the Huskers, but most of all he's excited about the future. He was showing extended family around Lincoln this weekend.

Greg Hart is excited about his future as a Husker. He goes to Lincoln and he wants to come back 3 weeks later. This past weekend might have been the final visit to Nebraska before he signs his LOI, but it was a special trip.

"The weekend went great," Hart said. "It was really, really fun. I went with my uncle and cousin. I wanted my uncle to see because he's like an older brother to me. My cousin loved it, he's in eighth grade, he really liked it.

"My uncle offered to drive over to Lincoln, he lived in Omaha for two and a half years and never made it to a game, but he knows how the people are from there about their football. It was really fun getting a chance to show them everything."

Hart really wanted his uncle and cousin to feel what he has felt on all of his trips to Nebraska. That is a genuine welcome and literally being brought in as part of the family. Hart said that his uncle felt it right away.

"I make sure that they meet the coaches, that's one thing. The people there make Nebraska so special. It's the atmosphere. My uncle even said that about the people and how nice they are, how Coach Pelini is such a great guy, Coach Marrow is so welcoming and I showed that off and how consistent the family atmosphere really is."

The Nebraska offense had been more of a second half novelty up until last week against Minnesota. Finally the Huskers were out on top of an opponent early and had the gas pedal smashed to the floor board the entire first half.

"Yeah definitely I think that I can fit in right away. Nebraska has a solid set of running backs, plus they are adding Adam Taylor, and there will be a great run game. That opens up the run game and specifically passes to the tight end.

"I am really excited to get in there, learn the offense, catch the football and make some plays for them. I love the system that I see that they are using and how many tight ends they use."

Hart says that his high school playing days are over after a disappointing first round loss. He is back to work though getting ready for Lincoln. He says that he's been working mostly on his lower body to get more explosive.

"We lost in the first round. I have just been working out and am focused on getting stronger. I am working on getting a stronger base. I want to be mobile and flexible coming to Nebraska. I might put 10 pounds, but they will put the rest on me.

"I want to work on my explosiveness, like my first three to four steps, and that's really lower body work. Everything is pretty solid. I want to be able to move well and polish up on being explosive out of the cut."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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