Romine Lands First Offer

Upland (Calif.) quarterback Nate Romine picked up his first offer and is hearing from a few more programs...

After a busy spring and off-season and an undefeated regular football season, Upland (Calif.) quarterback Nate Romine received the news he was hoping for, as Air Force offered him a full scholarship.

"I'm definitely excited. It's relieving; it's a nice feeling to know you have options. It's kind of crazy how quickly recruiting can pick up now that teams are in bowl season. All of the sudden, schools start talkign with you and showing interest. I've been starting to feel the pressure of liking one school more than the other, like versus local Division-II and Division-III programs," he said.

Romine, who had received attention from a number of programs throughout the season, was surprised to receive the offer.

"My recruiter, Coach [Jake] Campbell, came by on a home visit that he had set up when we were in playoffs. I was supposed to talk with their quarterback coach, Blane Morgan, sometime during the week, but I never had the chance.

"Coach Campbell said Coach Morgan was going to tell me, but he went ahead and said that on behalf of the Air Force Academy, they were going to offer me a scholarship. I wasn't really expecting it at all; I thought it was going to be one of those informational meetings, like they had some guys on the board and they were just waiting, but then they offered me, so that was really fun," he said.

The offer brings more than just a sense of relief, as Air Force isn't just a "back-up" program for Romine, but instead, one from which he was hoping to pick up an offer.

"If there is a place I wanted to get an offer from right now, it would have been there. It's great, especially that it came from a place like Air Force, where your future could be endless with possibility and opportunity and you can play some big time football along the way," he said.

The quarterback had been talking with the Air Force for a while and says there are a few areas surrounding the program that have him interested.

"First and foremost, I like that it's not just about football there. They develop you into a man and get you ready for the real world. It's selfless that after your four years of college, you have a commitment to serve your country. That's a unique experience and you can't do that at any other college, just at an Academy school," he said.

Romine, who will likely study law or medicine in college, plans to take his official visit in January, after the team is finished with their bowl game.

He's also continuing to hear from a few other programs.

"Colorado was showing me interest, but now, with Coach [Jon] Embree no longer part of the program, that may be lost. I had been talking with Rice, but I think they went in a different direction. I'm still talking with San Diego and Azusa Pacific, as well as some smaller Division-II schools in Colorado and Ohio," he said.

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