Nebraska in to see Cochran

The Nebraska staff was out to see recruits in California last week. This recruit said that a Nebraska assistant coach was in to see him on Wednesday and would be back this week at some point. The recruiting coach from Nebraska has been an important part of the process for Cochran.

Aaron Cochran from Atwater (Calif.) Buhach County was a recruit for Nebraska that it was safe to assume the Husker staff would be by to see. Cochran said that the Nebraska staff was by to see him last Wednesday.

"Yeah, one of the coaches came by this week from Nebraska," Cochran said. "Coach Ron Brown was the coach that was here for Nebraska. It was a good visit.

"We talked about his history at Nebraska, the tradition of the offensive line at Nebraska, his Bible studies, his involvements in the FCA and stuff about the coaching staff."

Coach Ron Brown from Nebraska is a great person to be the recruiting coach for Cochran. Brown has been at Nebraska the longest of all of the Nebraska coaches. He also has a strong affiliation with FCA and that will have a role with Cochran's decision.

"It's nice to get to talk to him about Nebraska because he's been at Nebraska under three different head coaches," Cochran said. "He's been there for 20 years and he has more knowledge about the school than most do about Nebraska.

"It was nice to hear and know his involvement with FCA. I think that it is important to try and find some sort of spiritual connection at a campus. There is typically some sort of FCA at every school and if there isn't one I could probably start one. Having one at Nebraska as big as it is is a plus."

Nebraska was one of two schools to be by to see Cochran last week and this week's in-home visitors is starting out tonight with a Big Twelve team stopping by. Cochran said that Nebraska would be by to see him depending on his basketball schedule.

"Cal was here on Monday," Cochran said. "I have a home visit today with Oklahoma. Nebraska said that they were coming back, Coach John Garrison and Coach Barney Cotton, but I don't know what day. I have four basketball games next week.

"My season is going good. I have only played a few games. I don't score a lot, but I do get a lot of rebounds and blocked shot. I like to play defense."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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