Huskers will host Collins

Maliek Collins is a name that is popping up more and more recently. The 6-foot-2 and 285-pound defensive tackle from Kansas City (Mo.) Center has been adding offers as the season has gone along. One of the latest teams to offer him has been Nebraska and the Huskers have climbed to the top of his list.

Nebraska has been working hard on the recruiting trail and one of the players that they have stopped by to see was Kansas City (Mo.) Center defensive tackle Maliek Collins. Collins said that the Nebraska recruiting coach was in to see him last week and that right before speaking with he just got off of the phone with the position coach at Nebraska.

"Coach John Garrison came by to see me last week," Collins said. "I was interested to hear what kind of defense Nebraska runs. I know that they run a four down lineman front and I was asking about Coach Rick Kaczenski too.

"I actually just got off the phone with Coach Kaczenski. We talked about his history of putting players into the NFL and mainly about he asks his players to play in either a single gap or two gap style. I also asked how he was because he sounds like he was 25."

Nebraska didn't have any official visitors last weekend, but there should be a few in town this coming weekend for December 15th. When Collins heads to Lincoln he says that he plans on taking it very serious and getting right to the business of understanding the fit of Nebraska with him.

"I am thinking about going up there next Saturday," Collins said. " I am looking forward to a serious weekend. I am not a partying type of guy. I want to get up there, sit down with coach and get some film in."

Nebraska is looking at Collins to play more of a one-technique right now. It was explained to Collins though that the one and the three are a bit interchangeable and he could play both. Collins says that it wouldn't matter out of the two where Nebraska likes him.

"They said that they like me as a shade at the one-technique. But, they also said that they move players around inside and I could also play the three-technique. It doesn't matter where they play me because I am comfortable at both of those spots."

Collins is extremely quick for a guy his size. When you watch his film you almost think that he knows the snap count. Collins is also extremely strong and aggressive when it comes to getting up field pressure.

"I come off the ball hard no matter what. I play every play and I don't give up. I attack the lineman and I don't wait for a lineman to get into my pads."

The Nebraska staff will be back to see Collins this week. They will be there the day before he takes off to go on an official visit this weekend in fact. "Nebraska will be here Friday to see me. I would go up there Saturday afternoon for an official visit. Nebraska is at the top of my list."

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