Rodgers talks more on UW visit

Na'Ty Rodgers made it home to Maryland after a long flight to Seattle and back but it apparently didn't dampen his spirits as the 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive lineman - son to former Washington DL Tyrone Rodgers - talked at length about his official visit to Montlake this past weekend.

Overall rating his official visit a '9', Rodgers was asked by what would have made it a 10? "A couple more days," he said with a chuckle. We caught up with Rodgers briefly at SeaTac on his way back to Maryland, so we made another call Monday after he had a chance to sit down and digest the visit.

Rodgers flew out late Thursday night and his official visit started Friday morning. "I got a good look at the campus and the academic center and all those type of things," he said. "I never really got to hang out with the players when I went up there before, so that was cool."

Dexter Charles, Shaq Thompson and Kasen Williams were three current UW players Rodgers noted when asked about player-hosts. What did the players tell Rodgers about life off the Cut? "It's gonna be work regardless of where you go," he said. "It's gonna be work. They weren't telling me to go there; rather they were just telling me what it was like and that kind of stuff. They said campus life is amazing and it rains a little bit but it's not as bad as it seemed. We had conversations about everything."

In fact Rodgers seemed to intimate the relative lack of rain during his visit may have impacted his thought process. Even though he had been to Washington a number of times it had always been in the summer. "It was a lot different but I think getting to see that really helped me out and is really going to help me make my decision," he added.

Rodgers said a big highlight of the trip for him was his first time going up the Space Needle. When quizzed about the Needle, he was a little shocked at one particular piece of trivia? "At the top it moves? I didn't even know that," he said. "We were walking around the whole time. It was amazing. I was scared to go up there at first but when I got up there it was pretty cool.

In talking with Rodgers before his visit, he mentioned his friendship with current UW commit Demorea Stringfellow. Rodgers was at the RAM this summer when Stringfellow and seven other prospects pledged their commitments to the Huskies, including Troy Williams, Elijah Qualls, Lavon Coleman and Daeshon Hall. "I was hanging out with Stringfellow a lot; that was cool," Rodgers said. "It was good to catch up and find out how his season went."

Rodgers added that String was giving him the UW soft sell in terms of recruiting him to Montlake. "He's a real laid-back dude so he doesn't try to get in your ear too much," he said of Stringfellow. "But he threw up a little W every once in a while."

Did he get along with any of the other recruits? Rodgers instantly mentioned Joe Mathis. "Jojo…we were probably the two biggest guys there and we had some fun," he said with a chuckle. "He's an outgoing guy."

And the coaches? According to Rodgers they reiterated their impressions and desires to have him be a part of their 2013 class. "They think that I'd be a great fit for their program based on my versatility and the things that I can do for them," he said. "They would love for me to come in and help solidify the offensive line."

Rodgers added that the coaches knew about his plan to make his decision known at the Under Armour All-America Game January 4th, so they didn't ask for a commitment this weekend. "They understood. They didn't try to rush anything," he said.

The big man from Pomfret, Md. has long had a desire to declare his college intentions at the All-America game. "As long as they give me the time slot…if not I have to think about something else," Rodgers said, suggesting he might try and make something happen with one of the local TV stations in Maryland if for some reason his plan falls through.

So what is next in the recruiting process for Rodgers? "My next visit is Maryland," he said, adding that after that he's done taking official visits. "There's a couple of guys I know that are going with me," he said. Rodgers added that he's expecting to see Washington Linebackers Coach Peter Sirmon in-home Tuesday and South Carolina is expected to visit Wednesday.

South Carolina, Maryland and Washington continue to be his top-3 right now. Before the UW official visit Rodgers said his trip to see the Gamecocks gave him a great feeling. Does he still feel that way after returning home from his UW official visit?

"I really don't know. I'm still trying to process everything," Rodgers said. "I want to sit back and wait for everything to settle down first before I start thinking about it."

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