Pelini stops by

Nebraska has five players from the state of Ohio committed as part of the 2012-13 class and so it's not a shock to hear that Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini was in Ohio in the second week of in-home visits. Coach Pelini and Coach Vince Marrow, both from Ohio originally themselves, were in to see Greg Hart on Sunday night.

Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Alter got an extended in-home visit last night from two of the coaches from Nebraska. Both Bo Pelini and Vince Marrow, who are both from Youngstown (Ohio), were there to meet with Hart and his whole family.

"They were here for about three and a half hours last night," Hart said. "It was my whole family along with Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Vince Marrow. It was just a great conversation. We were talking about everything. There were old stories about their days in high school and my dad had some stories to tell. We also talked about the future of Nebraska and the season. It was really good."

Hart is potentially one of the most important pieces of the recruiting class that Nebraska is putting together right now. Hart is being tabbed to come in and play the H-Back spot that will be left vacant after Kyler Reed graduates.

"The door is wide open for an H-back guy to come in. They really want me to come and replace Kyler Reed who is graduating. They want a junior college guy like Beau Sandland or possibly Brandon Vendenburg to come in and replace Ben Cotton. They said they need a Y-guy in this class and if they miss on both of the junior college players they will likely go after a high school player.

"They are very high on Sam Cotton though because he's just continue to grow and looks a lot like Ben does. They said that he's around 240-245-pounds right now and they said it's not slowing down. They really see a lot of potential in Sam because has been filling out a lot like Ben."

Hart isn't playing any sports now, but he's staying busy. Hart says that he's trying to add some weight to his frame to come to Nebraska in good shape and keep his explosiveness and speed.

"I have just been working out," Hart said. "I usually work out between two and three hours a day. I am gaining about a pound a week of good weight. I am up to 221-pounds right now and I would like to be around 230-pounds when I get to Nebraska, but I want to keep my explosiveness at that weight.

"The Nebraska staff likes how I can stretch the field and they don't want me to get there and be too big. They can see me getting into their program and adding weight to get to 240 or 250 pounds around the time that I am a junior or a senior. If I got that big then I could probably line up some at the Y because I would have enough size."

Hart isn't expecting anything to change from here on out with this recruiting. In fact he didn't anticipate anything changing from the day that he knew that he wanted to be a Husker. Hart asked all of the staffs recruiting him at that time to respect his decision because he wanted to go to Nebraska.

"When I committed to Nebraska I called all of the other schools that were recruiting me like Pittsburgh, Northwestern and Miami and I told them that I was committed to Nebraska and that was where I was going. There was a lot of mutual respect with the staffs at all of those other schools and everyone backed off."

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