Samuelson gets visit from Pelini

Dan Samuelson got an in-home visit from Nebraska's head coach on Monday night. The 6-foot-5 and 280-pound offensive lineman is a key part to the Nebraska 2013 recruiting class. Recently another Big Ten school threw down an offer for Samuelson. Is he thinking about a visit?

Nebraska commitment Dan Samuelson got an in-home visit from Huskers head coach Bo Pelini earlier this week. Samuelson from Plymouth (Ind.) said that there was a lot of discussion about how he could figure into the picture early in Lincoln if he comes in and performs.

"Bo was here on Monday night," Samuelson said. "We talked a lot about depth, where I am going to fit in at with the line, how everything works and how things will go with the workouts this summer.

"Coach Pelini said that they see me fitting in at all five positions potentially. He said it's wherever I come in and work out best. He also said that he thought I could come in and contribute fairly early as long as I earn it and learn the offense."

Samuelson is being told that he could play all of the positions along the offensive line, but he was really limited to just two of the five spots throughout his varsity career. He has experience at two of the other five, but it's that fifth spot that has him a little intrigued.

"I actually played guard my whole varsity career. I played tackle as a freshman. I think that guard is probably the best fit for me and I am interested to try out center even though I don't have any experience."

Looking ahead a little bit there was some talk about how letter of intent signing day will happen. Samuelson got some background on the procedures, but there will be some other opportunities to talk about that again at future in-home visits.

"We talked about letter of intent signing day a little bit," Samuelson said. "I know that I will get a copy of the letter that I can keep and there will be another copy to sign and send back to them. We didn't talk too much about that."

Samuelson gave some thought to playing a winter sport at Plymouth, but decided that it wasn't worth the risk when it came to a possible injury. Instead Samuelson said that he will be working out trying to improve on a couple of spots before he gets up to Nebraska.

"I am just working out. I was considering playing basketball, but I didn't want to have an injury or lose too much weight. Those two things outweighed the benefits of playing. So I am just lifting.

?"I am really going to be working on leg strength. The guys there are Nebraska squat over 500-pounds and I am not there yet. I will need that top be able to compete. That and just overall power."

There will be one more sport that Samuelson will compete in in the spring. Samuelson does do track throwing the discus and the shot put. He says that he would like to make it to state this year after narrowly missing on it last year.

"I will do track in the spring. I throw shot put and discus. I missed state last year, one away from going, hopefully this year will be a little different."

The Nebraska offensive line coaches have told Samuelson that they will be out to see him after the first of the year. "Coach Cotton told me that he's not coming to see me until January because of an injury he suffered to his elbow. He and Coach John Garrison should be by to see my next month some time."

Samuelson committed to Nebraska in May after decommitting from Pitt. It's been kind of quiet on the recruiting front until recently for him. A Big Ten team stepped up and extended an offer to Samuelson that maybe he wasn't as interested in as much as he was happy for some verification of his abilities.

"Michigan is recruiting me pretty good since they offered," Samuelson said. "The Michigan offer made me feel like I was a good player and not just lucky to get the Nebraska offer. I felt like I had earned this and that I was capable.

?"I truly didn't go and look for another offer though. They came to me. There is very little interest from me to Michigan. I really don't think that I will take a visit there. Nebraska said that they would view that as a decommitment. I don't want to do that. I believe that is where that will stay."

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