Things changing for Love?

Many might have short-changed Graduate Assistant Vince Marrow and what his departure might mean to recruiting at Nebraska. It doesn't shock about what the early repercussions have been as far as this Nebraska commitment now considering looking around.

Courtney Love from Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney might be having a change of heart with Nebraska. The long-time Husker commitment is just three weeks from moving to Lincoln to start school.

"He's just going through this thing where he might want to open things up," Courtney Love Sr. said. "He might also be considering going to a school closer to home. I am trying to keep him committed to going to Nebraska. I am actually on my way home to talk to him now."

Love's father admits that this situation is a little confusing if his son wanted to stay closer to home because he had that opportunity. However, his son is dealing with a fairly significant change at Nebraska in terms of the coaching staff.

"You don't turn down an offer from Ohio State to go to Nebraska to then open it back up this late in the process. But, Courtney thought that he could get passed Coach Vince Marrow leaving Nebraska. I'll be honest though Vince is like an uncle to Courtney because he and I grew up together."

Love Sr. said that these thoughts started with his son on Thursday. He said that he tried to reach multiple defensive assistant coaches at Nebraska and finally got a hold of Bo Pelini yesterday. Love Sr. also said that he has been in touch with Marrow who is now at Kentucky.

"I have spoken with Coach Vince Marrow since he left to go to Kentucky. He has said that he would even encourage Courtney to stay the course and go play for Bo Pelini and Nebraska. And I want that to happen. I want him to play for Bo and be with guys like Josh Banderas in Lincoln."

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