Gerry enjoys official visit

It took some aligning of the stars for Nathan Gerry to finally make it down to Lincoln from Sioux Falls (S.D.) Washington. Washington won a state title, which means a long season, and Gerry's father is the head trainer at a nearby college. Gerry finally made it in this weekend and had a great time.

Nathan Gerry from Sioux Falls (S.D.) has seen Lincoln a few times before this weekend, but this weekend was his official visit. Gerry didn't get a chance to watch a game this weekend. This weekend was the players' banquet which is always a good weekend to visit Nebraska.

"It was a very good visit," Gerry said. "The weekend was actually very fun. On Friday night they had their team banquet. I got to see the awards presentation and listen to some of the players speak.

"Josh Banderas was there too this weekend as an unofficial visitor. It was great getting a chance to hang out with him. It's great for Nebraska having him in Lincoln. He's a little bit of a recruit ambassador."

This weekend wasn't about checking out anything on campus, talking to anyone in particular or anything like that. Gerry did want to get some time with the coaches to start talking about the safety position and the responsibilities of the position.

"There wasn't really anything new that I saw or that I wanted to see. I did want to spend some time with the coaches and watch some film. I wanted to start learning some concepts of the safety job. That was nice to get a chance to do."

Nebraska actually had multiple safety prospects in town this weekend including a 2012 prospect that was trying to get a passing test score. Word started to break on Saturday night that D.J. Singleton had committed to Nebraska. Gerry said that he talked to Singleton a little bit.

"I did talk to him a little bit," Gerry said. "He was a cool guy to talk to. He was real excited by the visit and you could see that something was up and that it looked like it was going that way towards a commitment."

Gerry is working out now just lifting weights. He will start running after Christmas break and will also start getting ready for track season in a few weeks. Gerry is looking forward to track season and basically returning everyone from a state title track team.

"I am just lifting now. I started lifting about three weeks ago. I will start running for track some time after Christmas break. I will really start to train for track about eight weeks before the season. We should have a great team this year. We basically return everyone from a state title team from last year."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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