Knevel talks Nebraska commitment

The offensive tackle position has been a huge need in the 2013 class for Nebraska. The Huskers received a huge commitment today from David Knevel. Knevel is the 17th known verbal commitment of the 2013 class for Nebraska.

Brantford (Ont.) Pauline Johnson Collegiate offensive tackle David Knevel chose Nebraska today over Alabama and West Virginia. Knevel says that it was about the goals Nebraska has set for him and the people that will help him reach those goals that set Nebraska apart from the other schools.

"It was the goals that they have set for me and the expectations that they have for all of their players that put them over the top," Knevel said. "It was all of that and the people that support that expectation. Everyone is so nice and down to Earth and they are going to make sure you meet those expectations."

Knevel also says that Nebraska provided a complete plan on and off the field. The Nebraska football staff, life skills and academic support personnel will build Knevel not just on the field, but off of it.

"Yes, I would say that it was the best combination of everything at Nebraska," Knevel said. "Everything that they talked about it focused on not just being a football player, but being a good person and a good student. I think that made a huge impact on my decision. That is very important to me."

The Nebraska recruiting class jumped to No. 14 in the team rankings based on the commitment of Knevel to the Huskers class. Knevel said that the quality of players in the class was one thing, but the players in the class were also great people too.

"It helped out with my decision. We have been in contact quite a bit with other recruits. At some of the other schools I didn't feel like i really connected with the other recruits as much as I did at Nebraska.

"Both Josh Banderas and Dan Samuelson were two that I connected with the most and I met a lot of the other recruits, but I just can't think of all of their names right now. Everyone that I met was cool and we got a long really well."

Some people wonder how well prepared Knevel is for Nebraska. Knevel says that he will have to adjust to the big stage of college football. Knevel has a lot going for him. In particular a 6-foot-9 and 305-pound frame and good athleticism.

"I think that the biggest thing from me will be acclimating myself to the game. I am coming from a small Canadian school and going to big-time college football. That is a huge thing. I think that I am ready. I am just going to embrace it and do the best that I can. I am just going to try and get better week by week."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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