Post-Game Thoughts: Adam Taylor

FOX Sports NEXT is in the streets this fall to bring you all the coverage from across the Midlands region. After watching Katy defeat Cedar Hill in the Texas Class 5A Division II title game, FOX Sports NEXT listened to a few post game thoughts from Katy running back Adam Taylor, who had a great showing. We also break down a few aspects of Taylor's game…

Anyone who has been around Katy (TX) running back Adam Taylor knows that he is one who does not speak idle words. In fact, he does not have many words at all. What he does do, is allow for his game play to speak for him.

In the 35-24 win over Cedar Hill in the Class 5A Division II state title game, Taylor was called upon early and often. In the end, the 6-foot-1, 210-pound Taylor had 30 carries for 282 yards and five touchdowns. 

Taylor was behind an offensive line that was creating a great deal of space, but it when it came down to grinding it out, Taylor was a surefire workhorse. Several notable plays come to mind, one of which was a fourth-down and two play, when Katy was trailing.

He took the pitch right and slipped passed the defenders for a 56-yard touchdown. When it comes to his running style and the way he approaches the game, Taylor is a back who wears a defense down by running straight at them with force and power.

In no way does Taylor shy away from contact. In fact, he, for the most part invites it in that where there is no hole, he creates one. And rarely does one player bring enough pop to take him down. When watching Taylor in action, it shows that there is not a lot of diversity to what he does, which is a positive seeing that he has a power running style.

Taylor does not waste time moving side to side, everything is about getting north/south as quickly as possible. He does utilize the spin move and a nice stiff arm, but aside from that, he is all about lowering his shoulder and delivering the blows. 

That style of play bodes well for programs in the Big 10 Conference, and Taylor is headed that direction with a commitment to Nebraska, which occurred a few short months ago. 

"It's (Husker football) a great fit for me. (Assistant) Coach (Ron) Brown and coach Kay (likely referring to assistant coach Rick Kaczenski) are the coaches recruiting me," Taylor said. "Nebraska runs the ball a lot and I think the school is like No. 8 in the nation running the ball."

This is another advantage for Taylor, who is a player used to carrying a load each game. Combine that with a sold relationship with Brown and the Nebraska staff and overall that seems like a place where Taylor can have success.

"I really have a good relationship with coach Brown. He's a great man (Brown) and God man he does the best with his players and cares for you more than just football," Taylor said. 

There should be opportunity for Taylor to see the field as early as next season, but know that Taylor will accept no hand outs. In his junior season where he missed, Taylor worked through the off season in rehab and came back as a senior to show that he is stronger than ever.

And know that the Husker coaches are likely witnessing the same.

"This off season I will work hard and whatever I get, I get. But I will work hard for everything I get," Taylor said.

Ahmard Vital is responsible for Midlands Recruiting, mainly covering prospects in the state of Texas. He joined in 2005 and is the author of the newly released book, Awaken the Baller Within.
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