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One of the high school players in the 2013 class for Nebraska that could be thrown into some immediate playing time is Courtney Love from Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney. Love, who will be moving to Lincoln in a few short weeks, was almost looking for another school just a week or so ago.

Courtney Love is all business, but his father likes to kid around. Courtney Love Sr. informed about a week ago that his son was doing some re-evaluation after Vince Marrow took a job with Kentucky. Love, Sr. has been good to BRR about reaching out to say that his son was going to Nebraska so staying in touch through these tough times wasn't surprising.

The process has been a roller coaster for The Love's from jovial about his son's commitment to Nebraska to confused about Nebraska when a friend was leaving Lincoln. Many underestimated the impact of Marrow's departure. Marrow was not only key with Love, but all of the commitments from Ohio as well as some possible pending commits.

But there were other conversations in the middle of committing to thinking about things. You have to understand that Love, Sr. loves to talk about his son; just about as much as he likes to kid around. And he had the joke of all jokes on the hook this week.

"Yeah, Courtney just decommitted an hour ago and he's signing with Ohio State," Love Sr. said. "It happened in the last hour. Marcus McWilson too. He's going to Ohio State too.

"You know what? I am just messing with you," Love said between laughing. "You were about to start writing away. I am just kidding you."

Instead, Love Sr. said that everything is good to go for his son to enroll early at Nebraska. In fact his son graduated late last week and he will be moving to Lincoln in a couple of weeks.

?"Courtney just graduated from high school and I will be bringing him to Lincoln around January 4th or 5th; he will be starting classes there on the 7th. Everything got worked out with Coach Bo Pelini and we are all set to go."

?The worst Christmas joke ever was on me, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't any thought about changing up plans in the eleventh hour. Recruiting got tough with the departure of a well-liked and thought of graduate assistant, but a bad loss in the conference championship demonstrated need.

"All of the kids in the class have a great shot of getting on the field and playing some next year. Courtney will have a little bit of an advantage getting there early, getting acclimated and that."

Being from Youngstown and Nebraska's ties to the area and in particular with Cardinal Mooney get talked about a lot, but it still might not do the relationship justice. It's an area of tight, personal relationships that last a life time.

"Vince Marrow was huge with Courtney committing to Nebraska. It was a big part of Marcus and his decision. Marcus says that he's still solid to Nebraska. The safety spots are open at Nebraska.

?"I spoke with Marcus's dad about everything and he will actually be with Courtney and I as well as Courtney's uncles when we go to Lincoln in a couple of weeks."

The last time that Big Red Report caught up with Love, Sr. he and his son were off to an awards banquet. There was some hope to pick up the big, area honor that night and while he didn't the honors that Love did pick up says a lot about the player considering it was an abbreviated season.

"The award ceremony went good, but the top award went to another player who is a running back who is going to Michigan. Courtney got some nice recognition though getting named to the Big 22 and the area top defensive player in Mahoning Valley.

?"He didn't get the big award, but he only played in eight games this year. He had an ankle injury that bothered him his senior season and limited him."

The ankle injury was something that nagged him for the majority of the season. It's an injury that is almost completely in the rear view for Love as well. His dad is reporting that his son says he has been pain free and is ready for winter conditioning.

"He'll be ready in Lincoln. He had a high ankle sprain. It's a nagging injury especially when you can't give it a break. It reoccurs if you don't give a break, but he says that he's good now."

Love has already been talking with a couple of his future team mates on a regular basis. One of them, a recruit from last year, will likely be his competition through the summer and fall camp at the MIKE spot.

"I know that he's been talking to Michael Rose. Mike was encouraging him as well as Braylon Heard who he's been talking to too. He's also been talking to LeRoy Alexander who is from Ohio."

Love could figure into the middle linebacker situation immediately in Lincoln. Will Compton and Sean Fisher are listed one-two on the depth chart at MIKE and both are seniors. Trevor Roach is third strong and will be a junior.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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