Quotes to note: Nebraska vs Georgia

Come inside to check out some of the major post game comments from Tuesday.

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On the fumble, that specific call, do you regret giving the ball to Ameer (Abdullah) there?

"Rex is a senior veteran player, but it's a play we have run five times and have five touchdowns on. It's a good call. We had the first down. I love Ameer. I don't care, Ameer ran the ball hard all day long. I would call it again. Hasn't been stopped all year." - Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck

Talk about the way you bounced back after the game against Wisconsin. You are right there with this team for three quarters and a few plays and they win it. Do you guys feel that you made a great showing of it?

"I feel like everyone is praising them like they were unbeatable. They have two losses on the year, it's not like they weren't unbeatable. It wasn't a surprise to me. I don't want to hear about the bounce back or that you hung with them. No, they put their pads on just like us. They are not the all mighty Georgia. It's not like that. I don't understand it." - Nebraska sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah

How much better can this offense get with what they return next year?

"They are going to be very good with all the guys returning. It will be fun watching the other backs: Ameer, Braylon (Heard), Imani (Cross) develop more and showcase their skills. I will try to come back whenever I can to watch them play and I'm sure I will watch on TV when I can. They have a bright future in front of them and Coach Pelini has it going in the right direction." Nebraska senior running back Rex Burkhead

Could you talk about the difficulties of scheming against Aaron Murray? It seems like you'd either have to bring pressure if you want play coverage. How hard is it to make that decision?

"I thought we had a good mix. I liked what we did. I thought the plan was good…When we're in position, it was man on man down the field. We needed to make some of those plays and we didn't. And, you know, again, that cost us a football game.

"I thought we held up front. I thought we did a good job playing the run game. They got us on the one where we had a busted run fit on the one – when they went wildcat the one time, we had a good misfit. You can't do that when they're wildcat because you're basically playing zero coverage. And so they came back to it and, you know, we executed it. It was fine."- Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini

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