Alexander Considering Late Offers

Mackenro Alexander is one half of a talented set of twin brothers who have drawn scholarship offers from all over the country. Sticking together has been a way of life for the brothers Alexander, but Mackenro reports the pair may head to different locales for the college careers.

Mackenro Alexander profile

"I feel good about my senior season," said Alexander. "I feel like I capitalized on things a lot more playing linebacker.

"I had been playing safety, but I was a little faster and a little more physical than some of the linebackers we had.

"My coaches wanted me to play linebacker and I feel like it worked out pretty well.

"I am not sure if I am going to play safety or linbacker in college.

"I like them both and I know that my coaches will need me no matter where they want me to play.

"I am going to go hard no matter what."

Several schools have shown serious interest in the Sunshine state standout, so far some schools from the southeast have separated themselves from the throng of suitors.

"I am still open right now, but I have been talking some with Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Auburn, Clemson and a little bit with Texas A&M," said Alexander. "I don't have any leaders right now.

"I am still talking with everybody and trying to make some decisions."

The next step in the process for Alexander is deciding which schools to visit during the official visit weekends of January.

"I don't have any visits set up yet," said Alexander. "When my brother gets back from Texas, we are going to sit down and talk about everything.

"We are going to decide which schools we want to see."

From the sound of things, one would assume a package deal may be in the works, but Alexander reports that he nor his talented brother have made any pacts about attending college together.

"I mean it's a possibility," said Alexander about playing with his brother. "I just don't know yet.

"It would be good if we could play together, but we might end up going other places.

"I have to find the place that is best for me and so does he. It might work out that we pick the same school."

The duo is currently separated from each other, while Mackensie takes part in the U.S. Army All-American game.

"He told me he's having fun," said Alexander. "He said it's been cold out there, but that there's a lot of talent out there.

"We're going to watch the game and then once he gets back, we'll start making some decisions."

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