One last time: BRR chats with Love

A lot has happened over the last month for Courtney Love. Love was set to graduate high school and enroll college was faced with some changes at the school of his choice. A coach and a friend was leaving, but Love was standing by his word and moved into his dorm this weekend.

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Courtney Love is just a couple of days away from being a college student and that's just weeks removed from being a high school one. Love made the journey from Youngstown (Ohio) to Lincoln over the past day and a half with his father, Courtney Love Sr., as well as fellow Nebraska commitment Marcus McWilson and his father, Marvin.

"It feels great," Love said. "I am ready to make a transition. Hopefully I can quickly get acclimated to the classroom and help out and contribute to Nebraska's defense and team."

The idea behind enrolling early is getting a jump on the other incoming players that have to wait until June to get to college. Love will have a semester behind him as well as spring football. Love will also be looking at three openings at the linebackers spots vacated by graduating seniors.

"I have a semester to really get adjusted to the college life. I need to take advantage of the situation with three senior linebackers leaving, get in there right away and learn the defense. Hopefully it pays off for me when fall comes."

Typically a player will get told that they are being eyed to play one of the three linebacker spots. For Love there wasn't a single spot that the Nebraska staff really thought was best necessarily, in fact they want him to come in and try all three, but he thinks that there might be one that he will be better suited to play.

"They told me that I could play any of the three linebacker spots really," Love said. "The MIKE spot is probably the best position for me. I can read offenses well and I can fill holes well from that spot."

Love is looking at the spring as an opportunity to try and digest as much of the defense as he possibly can. There are other challenges that he also sees, but he says he will have to work through those and adapt as they come.

"I think that the biggest challenge for me will be learning the defense and trying to get the hang of that. That is my biggest concern right now. Also the speed of the game will be a big change. You just have to get used to it and do everything I can to adapt to it."

There were six players on the 2012/13 roster for Nebraska from the state of Ohio. Three of those players came from the same high school as Love, Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney. Of course McWilson will be joining him as well as a number of other players from the state of Ohio in this class and more than likely in the coming years under Head Coach Bo Pelini.

"I think that Nebraska is a great fit for the kids from Ohio and this area. Having all of the other players there from the state of Ohio it will help me feel more at home even though Nebraska is a little like a home away from home with Coach Bo Pelini already being there. I think that everything will be fine."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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