Tough decision for Suttles

Tampa (Flor.) Gaither defensive end Ernest Gaither is committed to Iowa State. The Cyclone commit took an official visit to Nebraska over the weekend though and admits that things are pretty heavy right now. What did Suttles think about Nebraska?

Ernest Suttles took his third official visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-5 and 230-pound Suttles from Tampa (Flor.) Gaither said that it was a good visit and enjoyed seeing the tradition at Nebraska.

"The trip was good," Suttles said. "It's such a historic school. It's great to go and see places like that.

"The tradition and the success over the years stood out. They have the All-Americans, the academic All-Americans, the Heisman Trophy winners, the National Championships, the conference awards were all impressive because it was on and off the field."

A pair of redshirt freshman linebackers helped host Suttles this weekend in Lincoln as well as a wide receiver. Suttles said that it was good to talk to them to get their thoughts about Nebraska and the team.

"My hosts were Thomas Brown and Michael Rose from Kansas City. I was also with Quincy Enunwa. It was good talking to them. They have good heads on their shoulders about the program. I liked them a lot."

Suttles has been to see three schools and says that at Nebraska he got a glimpse at a school rich in football tradition. Suttles didn't come away as impressed with the facilities as you might have thought though after seeing similar facilities at other schools already.

"I really saw a lot of the same things at Nebraska and Iowa State. You hear Nebraska and you think national championships. The facilities part of the visit wasn't that big of a thing to me after going on three visits. You see the same things."

So where does Suttles stand? He says that he's still committed, but will also say that he has a decision to make. Suttles definitely doesn't want to give any impression that he's leaning to one school or the other. The only impression that Suttles wants to give is that he's having a tough time with his decision.

"I am still committed to Iowa State, but I have a decision to make," Suttles said. "I don't any type of perceptions given out in any interview that I am favoring anyone. I don't want to cause any havoc with the schools.

"I am not comfortable letting it out right now when I plan on announcing my decision. I will definitely have my mind made up by signing day, but when between now and signing day I really couldn't tell you."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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