Love set to see Nebraska

Mike Love might finally be ready to take an official visit. The standout defensive end/outside linebacker from Clearwater (Flor.) Countryside may be down to four schools, but only one might get an official visit. Countryside head coach Jared Davis updates FOX Sports NEXT and about Love's recruiting situation.

Tall words, but honest words, are what you expect out of a head coach when he talks about his players. Mike Love, a standout defensive end, from Clearwater (Flor.) Clearwater, remains undecided and will start taking visits. His head coach, Jared Davis, spoke about what makes Love a special player.

"He just makes everyone better," Head Coach Jared Davis said. "He makes the players around him on the field better. He makes me and all of our coaches better too. He makes our jobs easier having a player like him around."

Love is 6-foot-4 and around 210-pounds and that gives Coach Davis a player that can make plays along the line or the second level. When game planning they usually just try and not limit themselves by where they could use Love on the field.

"He's just so athletic. What we try to do is not pigeonhole or limit him in anyway when it comes to our planning. We really go out there and just worry about everything else behind him if you know what I mean."

Love is a player that is getting looks to play anywhere from the defensive end position to outside linebacker. The question may come down to size and how big can Love be? His coach believes that with his frame he will be able to add weight quick.

"Well, coaches have said that they like him either as a defensive end or as an outside, walk-up linebacker. It's really a question of how big is he going to get and he's going to put on size. He has the frame to do it.

"Mike has this frame that when you see him in a year he's going to look completely different. Now, can he get to 265 to 275-pounds? I don't have that crystal ball. But, I will say that I think he can get to 245 or 250 and he will look great."

Love has taken trips to Temple and to Marshall. As of right now there is only one set official visit which will be next weekend. This coming weekend was a planned date, but exams at school will be bumping that trip. Coach Davis isn't sure if he will make another trip after that.

"Taking the trips have become a difficult part of the process. Mike is really down to Nebraska, UCF, West Virginia and Louisville. He was supposed to take a trip this weekend, not that it was scheduled and we had to cancel, but we planned on it.

"He has exams this week though and he's really focusing on his studies. We will know a lot more about his process when he gets back from Nebraska next week when he visits on the 25th. I am not sure he will take another trip after that in that weekend before signing day or not."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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