Natter hosts Coach K

Nebraska commitment A.J. Natter hosted Husker defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski on Monday night.

It's hard to believe a four-star defensive end could be forgotten about, but with the recent commitments of Ernest Suttles and juco four-star talent Randy Gregory stealing the headlines, Nebraska commitment A.J. Natter is often forgot about by fans on message boards.

Natter committed early to Bo Pelini and crew and never reconsidered his decision, which has caused many fans to put him in the back of their mind.

But the Nebraska coaching staff hasn't and on Monday night, Coach Rick Kaczenski paid the senior from Wisconsin a visit.

"We talked about the depth at the position and how it might not be as deep as it used to be. He keeps touching on the fact that I might have a chance to make a difference early on, but there is no guarantee," said Natter. "There will be an opportunity early to show what I have and I think I'm working pretty hard right now to make that difference the best I can."

Since his final high school season came to a close, Natter has been working out privately with a trainer, and has seen major transformations to his body.

"I'm actually working with a new guy – he's a trainer who's trained other football players. He knows his stuff and has trained some pretty good athletes before," said Natter. "He has me doing specific workouts that aren't just about the weights.

"The gains I have had this offseason are crazy. My bench has probably gone up 100 pounds from where I was at during the end of the season. I'm faster, jumping higher, it's ridiculous.

"My bench is around 370 right now. Before the season it was probably about 325. But at the end of the season, I could barley bench 240. It was weird, but I've gained it all back and more.

"But it's not just my bench. My vertical too has gone up so much. I could dunk a basketball before the season, but now I'm really getting up there."

Natter hasn't run a forty, but also feels it would be improved after the last three months of training.

"The thing is, I'm still 240 to 245. During the season I was probably around 250, but I'm a lean 240 now. I lost fat. I feel different."

Big Red Report will have more with the 2013 prospect and four-star commitment around National Signing Day.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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