Travis Smith Talks Injury and UM Interest

Ithaca (Mich.) junior quarterback Travis Smith talks about his shoulder rehabilitation and his thoughts on Michigan. Please read the full article below.

Ithaca (Mich.) junior quarterback Travis Smith is fresh off his third consecutive Division 6 state championship. But his third championship came at a price: a shoulder injury.

Smith, suffered a shoulder separation in the second quarter of the state championship win over Constantine,37-27, at Ford Field last November. He said there was a four-week stretch where he had his arm in a sling and had no arm activities whatsoever. Two weeks ago, he said he started physical therapy and has gradually built up enough strength where he has been cleared to start throwing.

"I just got cleared to start throwing on Monday," said Smith, who stands at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. "I am looking to start throwing and working my way back to where I was. Hopefully, I can start from where I was before I got hurt and keep getting better."

Despite his injury, Smith is generating plenty of interest from college programs and has already been offered from nearby Central Michigan. According to Smith, the Michigan coaching staff has been by his school lately and shown interest too. He said a UM offer is a possibility, although, he likely will need to get his arm strength back to full strength before any offer is made.

If the Wolverines' were to offer soon, Smith says he's aware a quick decision will most likely need to be made. But says he would like time to generate more offers so he can have options before his final college decision.

Smith says he grew up in a family divided of Michigan and Michigan State fans. However, he says he grew up rooting for one local university.

"When I was growing up I always liked Michigan," Smith said. "But since I started the recruiting process, it's really changed a lot and it's becoming more neutral between the two. And I have decided if they were to offer me, I would really would maybe take a little time to see who else wants to offer me. Also, I would have to talk it over with my family and everyone who has been part of what I have done so far.

"…It can be a big decision. It's the next four years of your life. And it can determine what happens the rest of your life."

While CMU is Smith's only offer, he say he's getting interest form Duke, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Nebraska, and Northwestern.

"Hopefully, this year I can gain a few more MAC offers," Smith said. "Maybe, hopefully, Michigan, Michigan State. And I mean, it doesn't matter who offers. I just want to see more offers, so I have more of a variety to pick from. So we will just have to wait and see.

"I just went down to Michigan State on Sunday. So I went down there and talked to some of the coaches. All the schools want me to come down and check their campuses out. Duke wants me to get down there whenever I can. It's a long process."

As far as what Smith is looking for in a program, he says, "I'm not sure about that yet. Probably, the overall best place for me and where I fit in best."

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