Peavey Still Solid

Bolivar (MO) 2014 quarterback Rafe Peavey committed to Arkansas last June and regardless of changes within the program, he remains solid in his commitment...

After an appearance in last year's Junior Rank Proving Ground Combine, Boliver (MO) quarterback Rafe Peavey, a then sophomore, found that a solid performance led to a bigger national platform.

"I went to the combine with no offers, no one really knew who I was. I had decent stats, but going to the combine got me on people's radar and recruiting went up from there," he said.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound picked up a number of offers and committed to Arkansas last June.

"It was pretty exciting. I committed to Arkansas, hoping that things would die down, but it was actually the opposite. More schools jumped on," he said.

A year later, again at the Proving Ground Combine, Peavey was a leader on the field and says the exposure is about more than just football.

"I see football as a platform for an opportunity for me to share my faith to a larger group of people," he said.

The quarterback chose the Razorbacks for a number of reasons.

"I really like the coaching staff and the facilities there are awesome. They are building new facilities, and it's going to be really nice. They have great fans, too. There's not an NFL team, so everyone really loves the Razorbacks. That really excited me," he said.

Though other schools are still after the signal-caller, he maintains he is firm in his commitment and looks forward to contributing his talents to the program.

"I have a much stronger arm than I did last year; I've definitely noticed that. I know I'm just progressively getting better as a quarterback on and off the field," he said.

An emphasis on off the field: the quarterback says his talent to command a team is one of his greatest.

"My leadership is probably my biggest strength. I can rally my players to go score when it's time. I'm not afraid of adversity. I'm pretty accurate for the most part, but so does my brother. I guess it runs in the family," he laughed. "I have a pretty strong arm, too."

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