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When Nebraska missed on their top junior college tight end prospect the door was at least open to taking a second high school prospect. The thought still would be to get a player at the position that could compliment current commitment Greg Hart. They got just that in Cethan Carter.

One of the biggest needs for Nebraska in the 2013 class was at the tight end spot. Nebraska was graduating both Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed who were starters and still both very different players on the field.

Cotton who is a very capable receiver was better known for his blocking and could be found most of the time in tight next to the tackle. Reed on the other hand was a mismatch nightmare with a guy that looked like a tight end, but ran like a wide receiver.

Nebraska picked up a tight end in Greg Hart that really looks to play more of an H-Back role in Lincoln and move around a bit. Cethan Carter, the latest Nebraska commitment, is a player that can play the H as well as well as a number of other things.

When I see Carter on film I love how he isn't just a short and under receiver. The film starts out with him running a lot of out routes, which is actually a difficult catch to make getting your head all the way around, and then able to turn up and make a run after the catch.

The film then starts to feature some seam routes and you get an idea about the type of athleticism Carter has. Carter, who is listed at 6-foot-4 and 230-pounds, claims a low 4.8/40 and it's pretty clear that he moves well for a big guy.

The other plays that I really like, which really shows you athleticism, was the bubble screen and getting a CB one on one when he's flexed out. It's a quick play and physically the CB doesn't have a prayer. Carter is able to pull in the ball, tuck and run for easy yards.

The other play that I really like is the little inside shovel. Carter catches that ball in little spaces and plays closer to where the line is at do have a tendency of getting blown up and Carter still secures the ball and then gets up field.

Carter then lines up all over the field and gives Metairie (La.) Archbishop Rummel an advantage because he really blows up his man when he's called on to block. And he can not just seal the end, but he can get to that second and third level and take out a defender as well.

Nebraska may not have come away with the "ideal" situation at tight end this year because they missed on a junior college player. But, they could have done a lot worse than what it looks like they will end up with. Carter and Hart look like a tandem that will compliment each other well in the passing game as well as blocking in the run game for years to come.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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