Allen Planning Spring Decision

Hinsdale Central (Ill.) junior Brian Allen was one of the top performers at the Core 6 Showcase, showing the abilities that have earned him five scholarship offers. Allen spoke about his recent junior day experiences and when we may see a commitment from him in this update.

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So I know schools have been coming through Hinsdale Central the last few weeks, have their been quite a few?

Yeah, there's been a lot. It's always kind of hard to see all of them, and not all of them call me out of class.

Who has been in so far?

Indiana's been there a couple times, Maryland, Michigan State, Coach Dantonio came. Ole Miss was supposed to come and there was an ice storm or something. Coach Freeze was supposed to come. Boston College was there and a bunch of schools I haven't been able to see. Ohio State was there. The tight ends coach came but I didn't get to see him.

Have you been to any junior days?

I got out to my first junior day yesterday. I went to Iowa.

How did things go there?

It was fun. I got there early, so I got to talk to both Coach Ferentzs, his son, the offensive line coach, and then head coach Ferentz. It was fun. We were up in the press box looking down on the field.

Do you have plans for any other junior days?

Indiana next weekend with Paul and a bunch of guys. We're going to take a van up there, so that should be fun.

What about camps this summer?

I don't think so. I had my fun with those last summer, and I think I decided after the last one that was going to be it. I promised Paul this would be my last one. I'm not fan of wearing pads in early June at a bunch of camps.

Do you have any favorites?

I only have five offers, so I think those will be the five I choose from.

And when do you plan to make a decision?

I'll probably have it done by early May right before this school year ends. I think I should have my mind made up by then.

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